Rainbow After the Storm

July 26, 2023 ยท by Charity Walter

"When the rainbow is in the cloud, then I will look at it, to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth." (Genesis 9:16, NASB)

Seeing a rainbow after a storm is one of the most beautiful sights a human can see. For many, it's the calm beauty and elegance of the colors after grey clouds and lightning flashes; for Christians, a rainbow is more than just a meteorological phenomenon. We view rainbows as a symbol of God's promises and faithfulness. 

For three years, we prayed for a miracle baby. Two losses of sweet, tiny lives at times made our faith dip low. I'll be honest, sometimes it felt like forever, but we knew it would be in God's perfect timing. Literally the week we signed papers to start building our new home, we found out we were expecting our baby. 

God does all things well, and we are so thankful and excited! I wanted to share this testimony to hopefully encourage someone of the faithfulness of God. He keeps His promises!

If you are going through a season of waiting, keep the faith. He's a miracle worker and makes ALL things beautiful!

Just when you think the storm will last forever, He'll send a rainbow, just in time.

Charity Walter

About Charity Walter

Charity Walter is designer and CEO of Dainty Jewell's Modest Apparel and the founder of She's Intentional: the Dainty Jewell's Blog. Aside from designing breathtaking, modest dresses, Charity loves music, working with the youth at her church, and spending time with her husband, Jess, and adorable sons, Monty and Remington. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest in lovely La Grande, Oregon. Follow Charity on Instagram at @charityjewellwalter.