Sacred Moments

October 08, 2014

source: project beautiful marriage

One of the most popular pins on Pinterest over the past few years is the quote above.

I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding. 

With the rise of social media sharing, Pinterest specifically, weddings are one of the most popular categories on the site. (Also, interestingly enough, Pinterest has literally changed the way brides plan their wedding.)

With all of this materialistic over-sharing of the obvious details, the dress, the flowers and the cake, it’s interesting that this particular pin has been shown so much attention, as well. Why? I think because when people see this quote they do what I did when I first saw it: I stopped. I paused scrolling through my feed and I actually thought about it. I do. I do want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding. Because my wedding shouldn’t only be about the dress, the flowers and the cake. The wedding itself is the uniting of two people into a God-ordained relationship, hopefully creating a sacred bond that will join a team of two people doing a greater work for God together than they could do separately.

How can we be intentional about how we plan our weddings to place an emphasis on the future of our marriage and not just on the obvious details of the day? One of those ways is to keep it in the details of the wedding. As Christians, God should be first in our marriages, as prayer and a relationship first with God is what keeps a marriage together. So, what are ways we can incorporate God into our ceremony and planning? I’ve found a few meaningful ideas and created a board highlighting some ways to create sacred moments in the hustle and bustle of your wedding!

intentional weddingSouthern Weddings “Vows” Print : This print would be an amazing gift, not only from a guest, but as a gift the new couple buys as decor for their new home. What better way to remember the vows you made than to hang them on the wall in a beautiful reminder? 

#Merefoundherbeau : This banner with the words from Ruth 1 is close to my heart – it served as both the backdrop of the “altar” for this couple and also decor for the reception. Dual purpose and such an incredible way to decorate as well! 

Pre-Wedding Prayer While we pray in our daily lives, sometimes we forget that these moments are the most important and often the most special. Including conscious, intentional prayer on the wedding day will not only bring peace and joy, but also creates beautiful photo moments capturing the more solemn emotions involved on the wedding day. 

Let Love Guide Your Life Invitation ScriptureA friend of mine got married and decided to make her invitations reflect their ceremony by including scriptures and quotes throughout. I love the idea of incorporating scripture into the invitation design! So beautiful. 

Love Never Fails print: This print is just perfect. Give it to bridesmaids. Frame it in the bride room. Place it as part of your guest book display, reception or dessert table. It’s simple and beautiful! 

I hope that if you’re in the process of planning your wedding (Congratulations, by the way!) that you’ll think of the impact of the vows you’re making and not just get caught up in the stressful planning of the event. Even in the middle of the chaos, take a few moments to remember who you’re marrying and why. How can you best reflect your love and commitment in your planning? 

If you’re not planning your wedding and you’re just dreaming about the future (like me), how about putting some intention in those dreams and remembering the whole concept of marriage is a God-created covenant between two people, joining to serve Him in a more beautiful and powerful way than they could ever do on their own. Marriage is forever, and it should have a beautiful and intentional beginning.