Seth and Morgan's Wedding: Simply Beautiful With a Touch of Jane Austen!

August 30, 2021 · by Katherine Grote

I’ve always been a sap for a fairy tale romance. And nothing says romance like these two. Morgan and Seth Frances are as beautiful on the inside as their wedding day looked to all who were there. Their story truly is fairy tale worthy, beginning in August of 2008, in a Sunday school classroom at New Life Austin where they both were attending church. At the age of 9 they became fast friends and over the years, their love for each other matured and deepened, bringing them to an altar on a beautiful July afternoon. We’re so excited to have both Morgan and Seth on the blog sharing their amazing wedding with us.

First of all, you guys just have such a unique story having met in Sunday school. I have to ask you, was there a moment that you just knew, “This is it! This person is the one?”

Seth: Morgan was that person that was just always there. We started dating at 12 and just kind of knew that we had something really special.

Morgan: Yes, we went from junior high daydreaming about what could happen to realizing around our senior year that this was it! We were going to spend the rest of our lives together. 

Let’s talk about your wedding day. How would you describe the style of your wedding?

Morgan: Of course I had several Pinterest boards going, but I wasn’t necessarily set on a certain style. Seth was heavily involved in the planning, and we just knew that we wanted it to be simple and beautiful!

Seth: Yes, I think the most important thing for us was that we wanted to include everybody who had put the effort into raising and shaping us into who we are today.

Morgan: Our church community formed us, and our family and friends stretched us. We wouldn’t be married if it weren’t for those people around us, so it was really important that our wedding day wasn’t just all about us. We really wanted to incorporate as many people as we could.

Morgan, let’s talk about your dress! It was gorgeous. How did you find that perfect dress?

Many of the local boutiques were still under a variety of different Covid mandates which made it hard to try things on. I actually ordered my dress online from a place called latterdaybride.com which I would recommend to anyone looking for a modest wedding dress. They made the process so easy with so many different modest options.

What are some of your favorite memories from your wedding day?

Morgan: I really loved the first look. It was so special because then we had the rest of the day together. We knew we didn’t want to spend the whole day apart because the anticipation was already so high. This way, we were able to have that moment and then just be together. But I have to say another moment that I just really loved was when my dad walked me down the aisle. When he went to give me away he turned to me and said, “Morgan, I could not give you away to anyone less worthy.” He quoted our favorite movie! Pride and Prejudice was THE movie that we always watched at my house. I mean, every song we walked down to for the procession that day was from that movie. But it was just such a special moment.

Any advice you have for future brides and grooms on their wedding day?

Morgan: Give yourself a lot of time to get ready so that you can just enjoy the day. Take a lot of mental pictures and remember to just stop, look around, and take in the moment. Surround yourself with the people you truly want to be there that day. Don't feel obligated to add someone to your bridal party. They should be your closest, most supportive friends. Choose carefully and don’t feel guilty.

Seth: Take time for yourself to pray and prepare yourself spiritually, because where you're walking into is something that you need to be prepared for on more than just one level. I drove an hour by myself out to the venue on purpose to really get my heart and mind ready. Grooms, make sure you’ve got everything squared away, and you have taken some time to really prepare yourself.

Anything else in particular that you'd like to share about your wedding?

Seth: I think one of my other favorite things about the day was this big hutch that was on site at the wedding venue that we were able to use to put up pictures and keepsakes from each of our parents' weddings to incorporate into our day.

Morgan: Also, I have to say communion was incredibly beautiful. We knew we didn’t want to do sand, and candles can be risky, but we wanted to incorporate something special. We’ve done communion together since we were kids, and we thought how great it would be to bring that in because it is a spiritual day. It’s not just about the romance but the joining of two spiritual lives together.

Any final advice for young couples considering taking that next step into marriage?

Seth: It’s absolutely a two person conversation. Communicate with the other person. Get your house in order. If you think you’ve found the one, you need to start preparing for the one in many different ways. I started preparing by upping my course work at college so I could graduate earlier because we knew we didn’t want to get married while still in school but I wanted to marry her soon. I worked 2 and 3 jobs so I could save up for the things we needed.

Morgan: Be practical and thoughtful and seek out wise counsel. Talk to your Pastor. We listened to podcasts by Adam and Karissa King, who are both Apostolic and psychologists. Their podcast is called Dear Young Married Couple and addresses the reality of marriage.

Seth: Yes, it’s important to remember that marriage isn’t about going on a really big date and having everyone there. Getting married is so much more about the days after, not the day of. So it’s important to be realistic and have conversations about the reality of all the days after. For us, putting our relationship under that microscope and talking through all the what-if’s just made us realize we love each other all the more now.

Seth and Morgan, we wish you the very happiest of ever afters! Thank you for sharing your day and your insights with us.

Photographer name and website: Hayden Jordan Photography


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