Setting the Table

April 26, 2014

Through the years I have come to love vintage china and I have always been looking for a set. I didn’t want to spend hundreds buying new and I could just never find a complete set at a price I was willing to pay. I was mentally prepared to give up my quest and mix china sets.  

But last week while browsing an antique store, I instantly fell in love with a midcentury Mikasa china set: a 36 piece set complete with coffee cups, saucers, salad plates, bowls, dinner plates, three large serving platters, a serving bowl and cream and sugar! And the price? Just $25 plus tax. How gorgeous is the tan and black color combination!  It’s so neutral. I can imagine using this china for holidays and it blending beautifully with seasonal decor.



I set the table and added my favorite napkins.  I got 6 of these napkins at the Habitat For Humanity Restore for $1.  Rest assured, I washed them before use. I also got my wood napkin rings at Habitat for 25 cents a piece.I put the plates on gold chargers that my mom found at Walmart for $1 per set of four.


I take frugal shopping far beyond my closet. Right now in my living room I have a 14 ft wood shelf, accessories, frames, chairs and coffee tables all from the Habitat Restore and thrift stores. I believe it is possible to have a stylish, polished home and wardrobe on any budget. It just may take a little more patience, but the pay off of finding that steal of a deal is worth it.