Setting the Table For Christmas

December 12, 2022 ยท by Brittani Scott

Christmas looks a little different for us this year.

I have a baby nephew due the first part of January, so my brothers and their families are staying close to their homes in Texas. 

Then my husband and I unexpectedly added another baby girl on November 28th! We are now a family of 4 and will have an almost 14 month old and 1 month old for the holidays. 

So, for the first time since having my own home, I am hosting my parents and sister for Christmas! 

I decided to spend a little money and set a fun, holiday table for our little gathering.

This close to the holidays, Christmas decor is usually on sale. So if you're picking up a few things last minute, you'll actually save money! I hit up Hobby Lobby, and everything I purchased was 60% off. I ended up spending only $100 on placemats, chargers, plates, napkins, and place-card holders for a party of 6.

My Christmas tree is decorated in red, green, black, and white, so I went with those more traditional colors for the table. I wanted something that felt fancy but still warm and inviting. Pairing these fancier plates and chargers with the Christmas plaid did the trick for me!

It doesn't have to cost a lot to make the holidays feel a little extra special! I even pulled a few things from around the house to create an easy, simple center piece. 

It's not too late to have some fun with your table setting this Christmas!

Brittani Scott

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