Simple Food Hacks

June 08, 2018

Hi, lovelies!

Today I am going to be sharing some simple food hacks that have saved me a time or two (or three). I know that too often we get too busy to make smart food decisions, so these are some things that have really helped me when I’m in a bind.

As of late, I have found myself too focused to eat the proper nutrition. This is something I have personally never experienced before: a lack of appetite . . . like what?! That’s not to say that I never have an appetite, but it doesn’t usually show up until nighttime. So I am going to include some hacks to get your day started on the right foot along with some tips for those people who just aren’t hungry in the mornings (they are out there . . . trust me! lol). 

  • Meal prep. – This saves time AND mental sanity! I meal-prep at the beginning of the week, then I have 2-3 foods ready to go whenever I need them. They’re mostly prepared proteins like chicken or turkey burgers, egg muffins, even rice to go with all of these meats.
  • Have a morning shake. – Like I said, lately, I haven’t had an appetite in the morning. I usually wait until 11 or 12 to have this shake, but it works until I’m ready to eat something solid. It gets a large amount of protein in, and I make it watery enough that I can drink it, well, like . . . water. Hah! It has a high-protein yogurt (Icelandic skyr or Greek is fine), a fruit, a veggie like spinach, a scoop of protein powder, hemp seeds, Fairlife milk (high in protein), and water. Of course, you can change anything you want about this shake, but this is a good start.
  • Make a happy plate. – I talk about this a lot on my Instagram, but basically, a happy plate is a “meal” prepared of tiny bits of everything. It is a great way to get food in even when you don’t want to, or when you just want a fun snack. My “happy plates” vary, but here is the gist: a little yogurt, chopped string cheese or another cheese, chopped cucumbers, celery with peanut butter, fresh fruit, a chopped protein bar, veggies + hummus, a piece of toast and jam, a boiled egg, and a small bit of leftovers from the night before. Of course, I don’t use ALL of these foods at once, but these are just some examples to get you on your way to building your own happy plate.
  • Throw stuff in the freezer. – No really, it’s great! Put already-prepared oatmeal in muffin tins and freeze. This way you avoid the more “processed” version of instant oatmeal. Freeze soups or chilis into serving-size containers — they’ll last a while! Worried about portion-control when cooking? Freeze your oils (and you can add herbs!) in ice trays in the amount you want to cook with (usually a tbsp or two). You can also chop all veggies and meats needed for the month and keep them in the freezer. What a time-saver!
  • Have grab-and-go food. – This falls under the meal prep category just a smidge, but whatever is quick for you on the go — have it at the ready! I personally love string cheese (I apparently never grew up), prepped fruits or veggies in a bag, protein bars, and my favorite is natural fruit strips (they are like a grown-up fruit roll-up! Okay maybe I am growing up.).
  • Switch it up! – You can supplement so many ingredients for calorie laden ones! Instead of all butter or oil, use equal parts applesauce, and equal parts butter/oil. There are so many other small changes you can make to add healthier and yummy options into your everyday life!
  • Have water on the go. – This may not count as a food hack, but I bring a bottle of water with me every time I get into the car. I use a glass one, and I make sure it is always ready to roll with me. I hate running errands or coming out of a grocery store positively parched. Drinking water will keep you from carrying extra water weight from slight dehydration (counter-intuitive, I know), and your body will thank you in many ways. P.S — Coconut water is great for re-hydrating those muscles. It contains potassium, which helps aid in muscle function!
  • Have a glass (or two) of water in the morning. – I know, I know — not necessarily a food hack. BUT, overnight you dehydrate, and this will aid you in re-hydrating for the day (avoiding lbs of water retention). I mix my water with a tablespoon of organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother), and it works wonders for my digestion!

So there you are, my lovely people! It may not be the list of hacks that you thought it would be, but I promise, if you start implementing these into your everyday life, your life will get a whole lot easier. These are things I use every single day/week/month to help me reach my goals, all while saving time.

Until next time, with love, a snuggly blanket, and a glass of water,