Sing Unto the Lord

August 12, 2014

I was privileged to meet Kaleigh Duncan for the first time this year at PEAK in Oklahoma. We had been connected on Facebook and Instagram for some time and had corresponded a few times regarding our love for classical music and desire to travel to Italy. The instant we finally met in person, I knew this was a girl I would want to develop a friendship with – and not just because she’s friendly, not just because we share common interests, but because there is something that goes beyond the superficial with her. Something that goes deep into the heart and speaks of what life is truly about.

Interview with Kaleigh:

She’s Intentional: First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, your age, where you work, your interests, anything!

Kaleigh Duncan: I am 20 years old, a homeschool graduate, and live in Princeton, Indiana where my dad pastors an Apostolic church. My favorite drink is espresso! Favorite colors, red or green. Favorite flowers are peonies and favorite food is Italian. My favorite season is the Christmas season, which for me personally lasts all year long, but I consider to probably truly be November through December. My favorite place to be is St.Thomas or the Smoky Mountains.

SI: I know that you are incredibly talented – you sing with an orchestra, right? How did you get involved with that?

KD: Yes, I do sing with the Evansville Philharmonic Chorus as a first soprano. I became acquainted with the orchestra last year when the Maestro mentioned that non-professional singers were being invited to join the professional chorus for “Gospel Night at the Philharmonic.” I joined in rehearsals to be a part of the choir for two gospel concerts that were held in February 2014.

During rehearsals, the conductor of the chorus pulled me aside and asked me to sing a solo part. I was ecstatic because I had dreamed of singing with an entire orchestra and never did I imagine that this dream would come true! As any other girl knows, you must always have a beautiful dress in your dream, and I proudly wore my long black “Dreaming in Vintage” Dainty Jewell’s dress as I sang my heart out. I felt so beautiful in it onstage and backstage I received so many compliments. This shows you that you NEVER have to compromise to fulfill your dreams! I was modest, and sang to the glory of God before a full theatre. I am excited about continuing my musical career with the EPC this year!

SI: Is music your passion? If not, what is? What are your life goals? Are they one in the same, or do your passion and life goals differ?

KD: Music is my passion, and I continuously look for ways to improve and better myself vocally. I do not play any tangible instruments but use my voice as my instrument of praise. Although I have had some offers, a career in secular music is not one of my goals in life. I would, however, love to record a gospel album someday, that is a definite goal. I have learned to always let the Lord lead my life and so my goal is to follow him completely. I have a bucket list, too! I love to travel and fully intend to visit Italy and France in the next five years. I want to speak to a group of Pastor’s children on what the Lord has taught me through my own experiences in the glass house. I want to adopt someday. And yes, my passion for music will always play a role in my life as I accomplish these goals.

SI: Every time I see you, whether in person or through your social media posts, you’re smiling and always have an extremely positive attitude toward life. In a world that constantly has negativity thrown in every direction, how do you manage that?

KD: “I sing because I’m happy! I sing because I’m free! His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.” That is truly the reason I can stay happy and stay positive. I have learned that I have no control and that God has got my life and my future in his hands. I do get worried and stressed at times, I am human! But I have such hope! Why should I feel discouraged when Jesus is my portion? I feel that as a Christian I cannot afford to show negativity to those around me. Who would want my Jesus if I painted Him in a negative light? I stay positive through music, my hope and the knowledge that He holds my future!


SI: Do you have a specific devotion pattern that you use?

KD: I try to make my day a continual devotion, but I do take focused time throughout the week for personal devotions. I either make a playlist or choose a CD that fits the mood of what I am praying over or studying about, then I often begin to write my prayers. I always have a notebook or journal with me and sometimes when there is just no quiet place to think, I will pull out my book, turn to a clean page and begin to pour out my heart. I pray aloud whenever possible but find that my scattered brain and thoughts seem to focus when I write to God, and then read to him the deepest parts of my heart.

SI: Do you have any recommendations for books or journaling ideas? For devotions or anything else?

SI: I LOVE to read, and find so much pleasure in holding an actual book and getting lost in another time or place. I become very involved in my books and almost hate to put them down sometimes because I feel like the story will rush on without me! For a pastor’s daughter I would highly recommend “And the Shofar Blew” by Francine Rivers… you will find that there is so much truth to the story and find comfort in the fact that all churches face some of the same struggles. Also, the “Sons of Encouragement” series also by Francine Rivers is fantastic! You will enjoy learning about the less talked about men of the Bible in a way you’ve never heard about them before.

I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being (Psalm 104:33).

SI: What is your favorite scripture? The one that always speaks to you and that you really connect with.

KD: Oh, there are so many! The one that I feel is engrained into my heart is Psalms 104:33, “I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.” That is my deepest desire: to sing unto the Lord as long as I live. Another scripture that really ministers to me every time I read it is 1 John 3:20, “For if our Heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things”. I tend to condemn myself, my heart turns on me, but I find such comfort in the fact that God is greater than my heart and He knows all things.

SI:Do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to share with our readers?


KD: I love black and white! It is the classiest color combination, and you can’t really go wrong with it; but even more than that, I try to be black and white in all that I do. We live in a world that grows more grey, faded and blurred every day. No one wants to hear the truth anymore, they want a soft lie instead of a clear truth. I take the title of being a lady very seriously, and I want to be a real lady – a classy black and white lady in a grey world. I don’t blur the lines of holiness, modesty, or doctrine. You, dear reader, have the opportunity to be a real lady, as well. While Dainty Jewell’s can most certainly help with the classy, modest part, you must decide about the lines of life. Keep those line clear! Keep them “black and white”!

Thank you, Kaleigh, for sharing your story, your life, and your passions with us! It has been a pleasure getting to know you better, and I’m excited to see what God has for you in the future!