Sneak Peeks of Spring 2018 + Interview with the Designer

February 28, 2018

Dainty Jewell’s Spring 2018 Collection is releasing in two days! To celebrate the new collection, we’ve invited Dainty Jewell’s CEO & designer, Charity Jewell Walter, to share some of her thoughts about the new releases with us. We hope you enjoy this interview, and don’t miss the sneak peeks along the way!


Welcome, Charity; we’re excited to talk to you about the release of the Spring 2018 Collection! How would you describe the feel/theme of this collection?

I love the feel of this new collection! A few of the ways I’d describe it are fun, having a party feel, light + carefree, whimsical, and very feminine! It definitely gives you a sense of all the excitement and beauty of spring.

What aspects of the new collection are you most excited about?

I love the color scheme. We went with Melania Blue, Blush Pink, Silver, and White for our main pieces. What’s not to love about those colors? We also released several pieces that will work great for weddings, which I think our customers will love. We’re really excited about adding more options like that for our brides. I’m also excited to start seeing pictures of what brides have done with these pieces!

What other pieces/aspects do you think customers are going to love?

The length options, for one! Customer feedback is so invaluable as we plan these collections, and one thing we’re getting from customers is that they love two length options. So we have quite a few long-length options in addition to the regular knee-length pieces. I also think the blue option we’ve added for several of our pieces is going to be a huge hit — and then the fact that we’ve tried to come out with more prints and solids as our customers have requested.

Which new piece from this collection would you say is your favorite?

I loveeeeee the Fleur D’Amour dress. I fell in love with the sample we got in last summer, and I wore it to a conference I was going to as soon as I had the chance! The flow is AMAZING. I love stripes + feminine florals + LACE, and they are all combined in this one beautiful piece. I think our customers will fall in love!

What is your favorite part of releasing a new collection?

I love doing what I do. I love designing; I love putting time, effort, and funds into creating each and every piece. So my favorite part is seeing our customers’ reactions to the new pieces. I always stay up late on launch days to watch how many visitors come to our site to see the new collection, and I watch all the interaction via social media. It’s so amazing to have people love your designs as much as you do — especially when you’ve put so much time into every stitch and detail of each piece.

From planning stages to release, how long does it take to put out a new collection?

I start designing each collection a year out. I get the samples in, review and redo, and then organize the photoshoots. This whole process takes about a year. Currently, I’m working on Spring 2019. Hard to believe, isn’t it?! — especially since there is snow outside even as I’m giving this answer! =D Design and production is definitely not a quick and easy process, but in the end, it’s always so worth it.


Thank you, Charity, for taking time out of your busy schedule to share details about the new collection with us!

The Spring 2018 Collection is releasing to www.daintyjewells.com at noon PST Friday, March 2nd, and you definitely don’t want to miss out! The new pieces will be limited in availablity, so you’ll want to grab your favorites as soon as you can. 

Want more sneak peeks? Join us @daintyjewells Thursday, March 1st on Instagram at 5 pm Pacific Time for our semi-annual fashion show.