Spread Some Kindness

August 10, 2015

Be kind, for everyone around you is fighting a hard battle.

Kindness is something not always seen in the world. Those whom we encounter on a daily basis might be longing for just a bit of compassion, love, and joy to be spread their way. As Christians, we should endeavor to show Jesus to others through our words, deeds and actions. This week, I have been thinking about kindness and of simple ways we can show it.

1. Smile

A smile is a gift you can give for free — an expression of joy and love that can be bestowed upon those around you. Give a smile to the cashier at the local grocery store. Give a smile to the children you jog past at the park. Give a smile to those you know and love. Go ahead, brighten someone’s day!

2. Speak Words of Encouragement

I can still recall words of kindness given to me years ago. Compliment others, encourage them on their journey of life. Build others up, instead of tearing them down. It will mean more than you can imagine to a special someone!

3. Do Unto Others

Sometimes nothing will speak louder than actions. Kindness can be expressed simply by giving an act of service or sacrifice to others. Helping with a project, gifting something, or even giving of your time will show others how much you care. So many people have done such sweet things for me through many years, now I hope to do the same.

Intentionally spread kindness this week! Someone’s day, week or life may be made better by it.

Show a little bit of love and kindness,
Never go around with hatred’s blindness,
Take a little time to reach for joy, and wear a happy face!
Sing a little bit when the days are dreary!
Give a little help to a friend that’s weary!
That’s the way to make the world a happy place!

(The Collingsworth Family / “We Will Serve the Lord” / Track 13)