Spring Athleisure Collection

March 06, 2023 ยท by Anyssa Hessler

Another batch of everyday pieces are here and they are beautiful! I don't know about you but as a working mom, I live in these pieces on a daily basis! They're comfortable and I can easily keep up with my littles and run errands while still being put together for coffee dates and casual parties. What more could a girl ask for?

Our Spring Athleisure Collection just released and ladies are stocking up for the season ahead! If you don't own any pieces from our basics collection - get ready to fall in love! High-quality fabrics and feminine fits that hold up so well over time. These staples are a cut above the rest - the quality is incredible! They will be on repeat on a weekly basis; I know I'm living in them! Below is a roundup of our newest arrivals: 

Featured Items: New Chapter Dress | Time Stands Still Top & Skirt | On the Go Skirt | Wishful Weekend Dress for Girls 

Featured Items: One Adventure to the Next Top & Skirt | Comforting Moments Dress | Your Favorite Dress | New Chapter Dress

Featured Items: New Chapter Dress | On the Go Skirt | Wishful Weekend Dress | Time Stands Still Top & Skirt, One Adventure to the Next Top & Skirt, Everyday Delight Dress

Featured Items: Everyday Delight Dress | Comforting Moments Dress for Women & Girls | Walking in a Dream Dress | Wishful Weekend Dress

Which pieces are your favorite? "All of the above" is my answer! These are some of our most sought-after styles so don't wait to grab them. They won't last through the season! Shop the collection here.

Anyssa Hessler

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Anyssa Hessler is Dainty Jewell's' marketing & social media manager. She lives in a small town and old home in Indiana with her husband, Alec and children Reyna & Everett. She and her husband serve as youth leaders at The House of Prayer. She enjoys making a mess in the kitchen, treasure hunting in thrift stores, and testing her green thumb. Find her on Instagram @anyssa.hessler.