Spring Cleaning: The Heart and Mind Edition

April 15, 2020 · by Kimberly Pearson

Spring is wafting in and slowly warming up most of the country at this time of year. 

You may be experiencing spring showers, new blooms everywhere, and, oh . . . an excessive amount of pollen and allergies! -- okay, maybe only if you are in the South. 

Pollen aside, spring is my absolute favorite time of year. It is so beautiful to see nature changing daily. One day the trees are bare, and the next, fully bloomed with fresh green leaves. Spring also brings unexpected pops of color, impromptu rain showers, and the sound of birds singing early in the morning. I feel like the sun finally comes out in the spring and awakens the earth!

Innately, we all know that spring is the season for regrowth and fresh new blooms. 

If you are a plant lover, you may be able to relate to the excitement of seeing growth physically take place -- the growth of fresh green leaves unfurling on a plant or the tiny bulbs of flowers that were planted with care, bursting forth with their color and freshness: a bold declaration of life amidst the brown lifeless dirt. 

This is the perfect time for us to take an introspective look at our own hearts and minds to see what our spirit needs the most. It is time for a spring cleaning -- but with a twist, from within.

1. Spring Clean

Start by cleaning out the negative thoughts and perceptions you have formed. Sometimes, without realizing it, we allow things to take root in our hearts, along with feelings that we have no explanation for. These feelings can cloud our judgment before we notice it. I ask that you take note when certain circumstances bring up negative feelings. How can we change that, or let go of it? Is it an old grudge that we have allowed to sit for too long? A painful subject that we are unsure of how to deal with? Pray about it and ask God to change your perspective and feelings about it. Our minds can be tricky, and sometimes old clutter gets in our way of thinking clearly. 

2. Plant New Seeds 

Plant something new, and start new habits that will grow and help develop you as a Christian. You were born to be a difference-maker; don't settle for mediocre. We have been called to be the salt of the earth; let us not lose our flavor. Let's be the earth-shakers that bring about the change we want to see in others around us. Let us be the ones to plant seeds of hope and joy in others and nurture that in them as they grow alongside us. During this pandemic, we are all experiencing fears and anxieties like never before. It's a perfect time for us to step up to the plate and be better stewards of our time and focus on the things that really matter. People we are around daily may need us to encourage and uplift them and point them nearer to God. 

3. Refreshing Rains

Allow God's rains of refreshing to pour down and water the seeds that you have sown -- the seeds of friendship, hope, faith, love, and joy; beautiful things that need nurturing and patience. Let God's rain of grace and mercy wash away the pains and sorrows of yesterday. Allow Him to work on you during this season in life and to prune you into an even lovelier human. Let the rains be a balm unto you and a fresh reminder of His love. After all, there is nothing quite like the scent of a fresh, cleansing rain. 

What are some new habits you have been wanting to develop and get better at? I would love to hear them! Please leave your comments on Instagram or Facebook; I would love to read them! I hope that you are encouraged, dear reader, to be a bright reflection of Jesus everywhere that you go.

Kimberly Pearson

About Kimberly Pearson

Kimberly Pearson lives in Burlington, NC, with her husband, where she attends the World of Pentecost Church under the leadership of Bishop Kenny Godair. She enjoys traveling, making new friends, shopping, and getting creative. There is never a shortage of projects she is working on all at once. It is Kimberly’s hope to be an encouragement to other young women and spread the joy and love that only God can give. You can follow her on Instagram @kimberdulsi.