Spring is Near: The Floral Dress

February 21, 2018

After the winter we all have experienced this year, I am so excited to say that spring is almost here! No more heavy coats, scarves that make you appear as if you don’t have a neck, and boots stained with water from the snow (haha). In all honesty, I LOVE winter; I am just stoked for a new season. Spring means it is the season for beautiful floral dresses!

In the spring, most of us have weddings to attend, conferences to go to, Easter, and of course, fun spring vacations! Last weekend, I had a special birthday lunch I was attending, and I wanted to look beautiful but had to make sure I stayed on my college-girl budget (I know all of my college girls understand). Although I have what seems to be a collection of long floral dresses, I wanted something fresh! I visited Peony Street Boutique and fell in love with this Garden Attire Dress. It was gorgeous!! I knew it’d be easy to wear, and the best part is that it was under $50. I HAD to have it!

Dresses that you can dress up and down are seriously the best dresses! I know I can’t be the only one who feels that way! Nevertheless, even when I can dress an outfit down, I still always seem to overdress. Since I was only going to lunch, I figured it would be a good idea to not look like I was going to a ball. I decided to pair a tan leather vest with it, in hopes of dressing it down some, and I loved the way it turned out!

Photographer: Armando Reyes

I know this dress, along with many other floral dresses, will be part of my springtime go-to look. I’ve linked several GORGEOUS floral dresses from Peony Street Boutique below. In doubt of an outfit to wear in the springtime? I can almost guarantee you that a long floral dress will make you instantly look classy, slim, and, well put together.

With much love, sunshine, and all the beautiful spring dresses!


Peony Street Boutique Long Floral Dresses:

Laurie Dress

Cranberry Dreams Dress

Coco C Dress