Spring Perfume DIY

March 16, 2022 ยท by Andrea Long

A few years ago (during my second pregnancy), I started a health journey that has gone beyond diet and exercise. From skincare products to natural cleaners, I've adjusted much of my lifestyle to clean living, free from as many toxins as possible. When I began researching perfumes, I was shocked to find so many harmful substances found in the good-smelling stuff. For years I stopped wearing perfume of any kind, but, recently, I've really been missing dabbing on a little fragrance. So back to research I went! At our house we love essential oils! We use oils from Young Living and Plant Therapy (a little cheaper than Young Living). I decided to try an all-natural DIY perfume using essential oils and was so pleased with how it turned out!

When mixing your own perfume, it's important to understand how that lovely fragrance comes together. In my research, I found that a well-structured perfume has 3 different levels, or notes, that, when mixed well, produce a balanced scent. 

The bottom, or base note, makes up roughly 20% of the perfume and is the deep scent that lingers the longest. 

The middle note binds the top and bottom notes and makes up about 50% of the perfume. 

The top note is that scent that we notice immediately but fades the quickest. The top note should make up about 30% of the blend. 

Now, some sites differ on the percentages, but this particular formula worked for me. I found some great charts listing different examples of base, middle, and top note oils here and here

Vanilla Lavender Spring-time Perfume

Base: 3 drops vanilla 

Middle: 6 drops lavender

Top: 4 drops bergamot

Add the essential oils to a 10 mL roller bottle, starting with the base notes and working your way up. Fill the rest of the bottle with the carrier oil of your choice (I used jojoba oil, but you can use sweet almond, avocado, fractionated coconut, etc). Place the roller ball onto the bottle, and your perfume is ready to use! Many sites suggest letting the perfume sit for a week or more to allow the oils to blend, but I just couldn't wait! 


1. Use essential and carrier oils that are safe and free from any harmful substances.

2. When applying the perfume, I've found that when I use a moisturizer (like jojoba oil) on my skin first, then apply the perfume, that the scent lasts longer. Use your moisturizer of choice to the insides of your wrists or to your neck, allow to dry, then apply your new blend. 

3. Keep in mind that natural perfume will not last as long as store-bought perfume. Your skin will absorb the oil (the reason for using safe, therapeutic grade oils), so you may need to reapply in a few hours to keep the fragrance. The roller bottle is great to drop in your purse to use throughout the day. If you prefer more long-lasting fragrance, invest in an all-natural perfume like Dime.

4. Experiment! Your first blend might not turn out exactly how you imagined, so try, try again! Part of the fun of discovering your own unique blend is experimenting with different oils. 

I hope you enjoy this fun DIY perfume! If you try it, please let us know on social media! We'd love to know your thoughts.

Andrea Long

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