Spring Wedding Outfit: What to Wear to a Wedding

May 11, 2016

I think the “what do I wear to _____?” is always a valid question in the minds of ladies preparing for a special event, especially a wedding! Because really — what is a wedding outfit? If you’re not the bride, the bridesmaid, the mom of the bride or groom, what is appropriate for a wedding outfit?

I have Googled and searched Pinterest hundreds of times for birthday party outfit inspiration, orchestra outfit inspiration, formal tea party outfit inspiration …. you name it, I’ve most likely searched it. But the most-searched-for outfit inspo for me? Most definitely wedding outfit inspiration.

Spring Wedding Outfit: What to Wear to a Wedding | Modest Style  with @NicholeCriss on @ShesIntentional

What does one wear to a wedding, anyway?! Am I the only one who has struggled with this dilemma? My list of qualifications for the wedding outfit is quite long, but it has helped to narrow down what really does work for wedding-day attire:

    1. It must be comfortable for the entire day. I don’t want to feel like I’m ready to change into my jammies right after the ceremony — there’s still a reception to mingle at and cake to eat!
    2. It must not be a “church” outfit. You modest ladies know what I mean — as perpetual church-goers, we have a set list of easy outfits that really work for certain church outfits, but I don’t want to wear that to a wedding.
    3. It must not need layers upon layers of additional clothing to make it modest.
    4. I want a simple, elegant, timeless look that won’t look atrociously dated when I see myself in wedding photos in just a few years.
    5. It can’t be too formal, but it can’t be too casual, either.

Whew. That’s a list, right?! So, since I’ve got quite a few weddings happening this season, I went on a hunt for a dress that could more than work — a dress that would be beautiful in multiple settings: ie, formal, outdoor-garden-party, church ceremony.

Spring Wedding Outfit: What to Wear to a Wedding | Modest Style with @NicholeCriss on @ShesIntentional

And when I wore this garden party dress on Mother’s Day for the first time to try it out, I knew I had found “the dress”! The wedding outfit dress, that is, most definitely not the bridal gown!

Spring Wedding Outfit: What to Wear to a Wedding | Modest Style  with @NicholeCriss on @ShesIntentional

So let’s chat about what does create the perfect wedding outfit:

    1. Little black dresses (or modest black dresses!) are always appropriate at any event. Long gone are the days of “black is only for funerals.” Black is classy, elegant, timeless, and always beautiful. Mix and match black skirts with black blouses, shoes, and clutches to create a truly unique look. See Courtney’s All Black Outfit, AshLee’s Vintage Black Dress or my Black Tutu Outfit for some inspiration on how to make that happen!

    2. If you are attending a spring / summer wedding, a long, flowing, pastel or printed maxi dress (like the one I’m wearing!) is a lovely option. No layering means you’ll stay comfortable and cool — which is ideal especially for an outdoor wedding, and long dresses automatically say “I am put together” in my book, and who doesn’t want that?! Chiffon maxi dresses are also wonderful wedding attire options because of their versatility. Dress ’em up, dress ’em down — there are endless ways to create a whole new look with this dress by pairing it with a cardigan for chilly evenings, nude shoes instead of the strappy gold Betsey Johnson’s I’m wearing. (My shoes are from a few seasons ago: but aren’t these sparkly gold Betsey’s just gorgeous?! I’m so sad they don’t have them in my size!)

    3. Along the maxi dress idea, pair a fancy long maxi skirt (either patterned or solid!) with a delicate blouse in a neutral color. It says effortless, it says sophistication. Add your favorite handbag, a pair of sunnies, and pretty hair-do, and you’re good to go for the whole day!

    What to Wear to a Spring Wedding | Modest Style  with @NicholeCriss on @ShesIntentional

    Spring Wedding Outfit: What to Wear to a Wedding | Modest Style  with @NicholeCriss on @ShesIntentional

    What are you wearing for weddings these days? Make sure to tag us on Instagram with #ShesIntentional so we can see your modest, intentional wedding-day looks!