Sprucing Up A Simple Hairstyle

January 21, 2019

I’m always looking for easy and fun, creative ways to elevate my outfit or hair. As a mom of two, I want to look put together, but I usually put my kids before me. That being said, I am usually running out the door and don’t spend a ton of time on making my hair extra fancy. I usually opt for a braid, pony, or top knot on a daily basis. 

Even though I may do a simple hairstyle, I like to add a little creative element. Whether it’s a simple pony, a top knot, or a braid, I will add a fun ribbon or scrunchie to my hair. It takes a simple look and pulls it together. 

For this hairstyle, I chose a high pony (excuse the postpartum hair loss) with a ribbon around the base. My hair is naturally curly, so I left it in its natural state for texture and body. I got this hair ribbon (and another color) during one of Anthropologie’s sales. Anthropologie is one of my favorite places to find cute, unique hair accessories. Target is another option for great, inexpensive hair accessories.

Here is a hair tie similar to the one I’m wearing from Anthropologie.

What are some of your go-to hairstyles? What are your favorite hair accessories to use? Let me know in the comments!