Style For Seasonal Transition

February 19, 2016

Dear Winter, please don’t leave me!

The above exclamation has monopolized my thoughts for the past few weeks as the weather seems to inch, degree-by-degree, closer to warmth.

Please don’t misunderstand me, Spring is a wonderful time of the year, making a grand entrance with an explosion of color, sunshine, and life. However, as previously mentioned, it also brings warm weather, and for an avid lover of all things of the “Winter Layer” variety, warm weather equates minor heartbreak.

Yet, there is hope, for we are now in the transitional stage, you know that time period where it’s technically Winter, but actually feels like Spring. So, now is the PERFECT TIME to mix your favorite Spring pieces that are just too loud or bright to wear during “actual” Wintertime with those cold-weather layering pieces that you’re simply unwilling to let go of at the moment.

From now on, we’ll call this “Sprinter Fashion.” Get it? Spr(Spring)inter(Winter).

And so for my “Sprinter” outfit, I paired a little piece of Spring, a bold floral blouse from XXI, with a ridiculously fun, fur vest from Target.

I tried to balance the loud pinks and patterns of the blouse and vest with all black accessories that still possessed a little character. The faux leather skirt from Dillard’s and black boots by Gianni Bini fall into the category of “Old Faithfuls” in my closet as they can complete any somewhat outrageous outfit that I throw their way.

Finally, I loved the minimalistic detailing of the Michael Kors purse with this outfit as it also balanced the bolder pieces.

I will, of course, accept Spring with open arms when it comes, but, while I can, I will make the most of this time of “Sprinter.”