Style Rules For A Rainy Day

March 18, 2016

“Singing in the rain! I’m singing in the rain!”

I may not actually be singing in the rain, but I am ecstatic that Spring is here in all of its mud-puddle glory. I must admit that my first instinct after looking out the window to view a Springtime downpour is to grab Pride & Prejudice, a gigantic “cuppa,” and swaddle myself in 1 to 10 blankets. However, collegiate responsibilities do not wash away as easily as the dirt on my car, so I find myself often having to fight my instinct and motivate myself to dress for an inevitable soaking.

Trust me when I say that 20-minute, one-way, across-campus walks in what, in the moment, feels like torrential rains will, or should teach one how to dress appropriately for the weather.

And SO…I have formed some rainy day rules (for myself, at least):

1. Avoid wearing light colors, for these shall display every single area where a raindrop has fallen unless you enjoy that aesthetic.

2. Do NOT wear any form of cloth shoes or sandals for thy shoes shall be ruined, and thy feet shall be wet, and you shall have so, so, so many regrets. Ex: These fabulous leather boots by Steve Madden.

Style Rules for a Rainy Day | Elle Simmons for @ShesIntentional

3. Your hair will be frizzy, and that’s ok. Accept it. You’re fine. Also, you’re not the only one.

4. Do not wear extraordinarily dense materials for these shall take ages to dry, and you shall walk around feeling like a used and very forlorn towel. Ex: Striped t-shirt dress by Zara and turtle-neck from Gap.

5. Wear sunglasses even though there is no sunshine because sunglasses are cool, you are cool, and a good pair of sunglasses can save an outfit.

Style Rules for a Rainy Day | Elle Simmons for @ShesIntentional

6. Find a way to bring some form of a sweater with you, because despite all precautions of raincoats and rain boots you may still get a minor soaking, and as soon as “minor soaking” meets our friend air-conditioning, you will need that warm hug of a sweater. Ex: I tied my sweater by Gap around my waist for layering and for sheer convenience.

Style Rules for a Rainy Day | Elle Simmons for @ShesIntentional

7. Finally, if you have the time, walk through a puddle or twenty and remember that rain brings life, and it does not have to ruin yours.