Summer Bucket List Ideas

June 07, 2021 · by Whitney Gothra

Our older daughter just graduated kindergarten, so this feels like our first real summer as a family. It’s our very first summer after a year of waking up early for school, homework and stuffing backpacks, and long pick-up lines. Wanting to make every second count, I started asking family and friends for ideas to add to our summer bucket list. Read on for some fun, unique ideas to add some special memories to your summer!


Spread some colorful joy around! Grab a bucket of sidewalk chalk and leave some art on the driveways of some loved ones from your neighborhood, family, or church. Bonus if you write a scripture of encouragement for them.


Have a “favorites” dinner. Each person in the family gets to choose a favorite food or drink to be a part of the meal. (You choose if you cook it or get take-out. My vote is take-out. Ha!) As you’re eating your favorite foods, go around the table and talk about your favorite qualities that you love about each other.


Make a care package. We all have friends and family that we haven’t been able to see as much recently. Pick one of them (or more!) and fill a box with some things that would make him or her happy. Pour some tissue paper confetti in there for an added surprise when they open it!


Play in the rain. Make mud pies, stomp in some puddles, or try to catch some raindrops. You may even get to witness a rainbow afterwards!


Pack some picnic lunches and explore local parks until you find the perfect tree to have a picnic under.


Find a field of flowers for a photoshoot -- or a dirt mound to race cars on if floral photo shoots aren't quite your kid’s thing.


Make a family playlist of joyful worship songs to accompany your adventures. Every time you hear one of the songs you’ll instantly be transported back to this summer and the fun memories you created.


Have a taste-testing party. Which type of apple is the most delicious? Which flavor of ice cream or brand of chocolate chip cookie is your family’s favorite?

If you have young kids, you know that it doesn’t take a lot to make them happy. Children have such a beautiful sense of wonder and can make an adventure out of anything. You don’t need to take the most expensive vacations or plan the most elaborate outings to create a summer full of joyful memories. Hopefully this list gave you a few ideas of ways you can create some special moments for your family this summer!

Whitney Gothra

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