Summer Favorites in Winter

December 23, 2014

I am a creature of habit. 

I subconsciously pick about ten favorite outfits from my closet and wear them all the time. One of my go-to dresses is the Dainty Jewell’s Solid Maxi Dress. I first purchased the Stripe Maxi Dress in teal and loved it so much that I bought the solid Kelly green. Jennifer gives a great review of the Solid Maxi Dress here and she makes some valid points on why practically every women should own this dress.

I know this dress was a part of the Dainty Jewell’s Spring Collection and is very lightweight, but by adding a jacket, a scarf and some tights I have made this dress into winter staple! It really is possible to wear your closet favorites all year long.

When I’m dressing for the holidays, I really like to be festive, but not too festive. You won’t catch me in a Christmas tree sweater with bells on it — I draw the line there. But I love to wear red or green to those Christmas parties and special church services and the Kelly green solid maxi is just perfect for such occasions.


This dress would be adorable with a striped sweater or blazer; adding a layer or two adds depth in texture. Mixing textures is very popular right now which is why fur vests and leather anything are on many store racks.


If you are like me and you can not imagine putting away some of your summer tops, skirts or dresses away for the winter, then don’t! Add a jacket, sweater or scarf and wear your favorite pieces all year long.

I am trying to decrease the frequency that I wear this dress, so I may or may not be wearing this outfit to my family Christmas dinner. Who am I kidding? I will most definitely be wearing this outfit.