Summer Hat Hairstyle

June 28, 2024 · by Laura Grindle

Summer time means one thing around our house…. CAMP SEASON! I need quick, easy options to keep all this hair off my neck. I have not always been a hat girl, but this specific fedora style hat has become a personal favorite. Curling the ends of your hair for this specific style would be another cute option! 

You’ll need:

Hairspray (I used Aussie in this tutorial)

Hair Ties

Hair Pins

Straightener or Curling Iron

*CUTE HAT* (purchased mine on Amazon)

Laura Grindle

About Laura Grindle

Laura Grindle is a full-time wife and mommy. She and her husband, Jordan, live in East Texas with their 4 children: Payton, Baylor, Jentry, & Marli. Her days are spent wiping the noses of her little ones, quoting them for Bible Quizzing, volunteering for PTO, subbing at the local elementary school, and being a minister's wife with lots of coffee in between! In her free time, she enjoys vacationing with her family, trying new recipes, and decorating her home!