Summer Self-Care

July 03, 2024 ยท by Andrea Long

Summer is here....and moms everywhere are scrambling to keep up with out-of-school children and summertime activities. Or maybe you're a homeschool mom, like me, and while the lessons are over, you're wondering what to do to occupy little inquisitive minds. All this chaos, along with church camps, VBS, conferences, vacations, and more make for a hectic schedule, with sometimes little time to pursue personal interests. 

Today, I'm diving into ways busy moms (or ladies in any stage of life) can slow down and refill her cup during life's busy season. 

Now, self-care has gotten some negativity in recent years. In a self-absorbed society, Christians tend to shy away from self-care since it sounds selfish and prideful. However, this same society has glorified a hustle lifestyle, one where mothers are to work 60 hours a week, make exorbitant amounts of money, exercise 3 hours a day, look like a fashion model, keep a spotless (and fashionable) house, AND be an excellent wife and mother. It just doesn't work! Something will suffer (most likely your health). In reality, wives and mothers must take care of themselves in order to supply the needs of their families. 

Self-care does not necessarily have to look like a 2 hour nightly bubble bath or a weekly full-body massage. This summer, taking care of yourself can be budget-friendly, time-wise, and fun! 

1. Spend time outside

One of the most incredible resources God has given us is nature. Did you know that getting morning sunlight within 20 minutes of waking has loads of health benefits? The sunlight in our eyes triggers melatonin to be produced, so that roughly 12 hours later our bodies slow down to prepare for a good night's sleep. This summer, make it a priority to wake up at a decent time and head outside for a little sunshine!

2. Get some exercise

I know what you're thinking...gym, weights, etc. Right? Wrong. 30 minutes of daily walking at a normal pace (not even power walking!) can significantly decrease risks of chronic illness, improve mood, and contribute to metabolic balance. While you're out in the sunshine first thing in the morning, throw in a little walk. Or after indulging in that delicious summertime BBQ dinner, take a walk with the whole family. 

3. Prioritize time with God

This tip should be a no-brainer, but I've found that during busy seasons in my life (especially times when I'm attending more church than normal), my relationship with the Lord tends to take a back burner. When I can wake up 30 minutes or more before my children and start my day with prayer and Bible reading, my day goes a whole lot smoother. 

4. Live in the moment

Let's face it. Social media can be good for some things, but most of the time it is a time-waster and can completely absorb our attention for hours on end. This summer, stop the scroll. Set boundaries with your phone and have hours when your phone is on the opposite end of the house from you. Allow yourself to live in the moment and enjoy a summer with your family. You won't regret it!

5. Take time for you

It is ok to spend some time pursuing your own interests! As wives and mothers, we are often constantly pouring out and not so often refilling ourselves. We feel guilty for taking time to relax or be strengthened. Don't fall into this trap. Find something that relaxes you: reading, sitting alone outside, shopping, going to a favorite coffee shop, crocheting, gardening, etc. and once a week, dedicate some time to do something you love. It's incredibly important that we don't have all work and no play. Your health and relationships will be so much better, richer, stronger if you will take some time to relax and just be. 

This summer, challenge yourself to enjoy yourself and strengthen your well-being. Happy summer!

Photo courtesy of Karina Vorozheeva via Unsplash

Andrea Long

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