Summertime Bucket List

July 12, 2016

We are in the heart of summer now and it is hot! The hotter it gets the less I want to do and I’ll find myself staying home more and getting out less. So I thought a fun way to beat the heat would be to start a summer time bucket list! A fun list filled with summery activities is a sure way to stay active. Below are some ideas I have, what would you add to yours?

1. Host a s’mores bar.

Break the habit of the same marshmallow and chocolate s’mores that you always make and invite your friends over for some seriously fun bonfire snacks! Check out By Stephanie Lynn for some creative additions to your usual s’mores creations!

Summertime Bucketlist on @ShesIntentional

image via by stephanie lynn

2. Catch fireflies.

Yes, this seems juvenile, but I imagine that when you bring out your mason jar and start chasing those fireflies around the yard there will be laughter, fun and guaranteed long-lasting memories!

3. Have a craft night.

Invite a few friends over and have everyone bring supplies to make a craft that they have pinned on Pinterest but never completed. When the night is over you get to walk away with a few different projects — all while feeling accomplished and proud of your DIY!

4. Play tourist in your own town.

We all have sights in our town that tourists visit when they are in town, but how often do we stop and see those sights with fresh eyes? Bring a camera and a friend and fill your day with sights, food and exploration!
Summertime Bucketlist on @ShesIntentional

5. Host a cold-food lunch.

Barbecues are always fun but grills can make the area hot! And the hotter it gets outside the less time you want to spend standing over a grill or stove. Instead, invite your friends over for a potluck — the only rule is that the food has to be served cold! This will make your dishes more creative and will be a guaranteed way to keep it your day cool! Just be sure someone brings homemade Popsicles (these Nutella Cool Whip Popsicles from Big Bears Wife look fantastic!)

I hope you stay cool this summer, find new things to do and make many memories!