Sweet Serenity + Sweet Peace

June 08, 2014

If I were completely honest with you right now, dear reader, I would tell you that I have no thoughts of which to write about tonight. My mind is pulling in a million different directions, yet none of those thoughts seem to morph into anything – rather they come and then flit away with the soft, gentle breeze of the warm, black night.

I usually have so much to say; so many thoughts that tumble and twirl around in my mind that I lay awake most nights writing, writing, writing… yet tonight, there’s not much except a feeling of peace and contentment.

Peace is good. We sing about peace, long for it, people everywhere pray for the “peace of Jerusalem.” But to actually experience true peace is actually quite unexplainable. Actually, I wasn’t at peace this morning. In fact, I was feeling quite tumultuous; worried about this, concerned about that, wondering about the future, plagued with questions of the past. And then all of a sudden, with a simple prayer that requested peace, all the uncertainties of life washed away.

And now here I sit, content and, yes, even peaceful.

The night is quiet, the rain of this afternoon has washed the dust and dirt away from the streets. Similarly, the tears that accompanied the sweet prayer time I experienced have washed my soul. I’m clean, I’m refreshed, ready for the next step of my journey, whatever it may be.

Peace is defined as “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.” Do you have peace in your life? So often I feel like my life is actually the exact opposite of a peaceful existence. There are always disturbances, it’s rarely quiet, and I’m always running about doing all the things that make my life, well, my life. But really, what is it all worth if we don’t take the time to slow down every now and then to actually reflect upon where we are and to make sure our purpose is still at the focal point of all that business?

Life isn’t about seeing who can be the busiest, who has strictest schedule, who’s involved in the most activities, who goes to the most conferences, not about being ‘the hostest with the mostest.’

Life isn’t about seeing who can be the busiest, who has strictest schedule, who’s involved in the most activities, who goes to the most conferences, not about being “the hostest with the mostest.” We become so consumed in being busy, but what is the motive behind the business? Is it so that when an acquaintance begins listing her many accomplishments of the week and pulls out a list from her purse the size of a thirteen volume encyclopedia we can outdo her by pulling out our own list the size of a twenty volume encyclopedia? Busyness isn’t about competition, friend. We’re all busy. We all know what it’s like.

But peace? Do we know what that is? Do we know what it feels like?

I’m feeling peaceful now, yes. But I don’t want it to simply be a feeling for this evening. One that I look back on in a few weeks and remember with a smile and then rush on to do some meaningless task that must be completed immediately.

This feeling, this experience, this contentment is something I desire to have in my life always. Of course, there will be times of frustration, irritation, uncertainty, anger, annoyances, and every other emotion under the sun. But there can still be peace. There are times when it will seem impossible to have peace, times when you may not even desire it. However, know that it can be found with a simple prayer. A request for Jesus to come and smooth the fear, the pain, the heartbrokenness.

Seek peace, and you will find it. Let it comfort you, let it surround you and fulfill the longings of your soul. “Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it” (Psalm 34:14, KJV).