Symbols of Affection

February 08, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just under a week away and symbols of affection line store aisles.

These symbols reside in front of the checkout lanes to be sure not an eye misses the fluffy 6-foot teddy bear, the package of 50 gourmet chocolates or the fresh cut bundles of a dozen roses. How do these gifts symbolize love? I have no doubt life-size teddy bears begin to take up too much space and end up in the back of a hallway closet, chocolates are devoured in a matter of days — if not moments — and roses wither, fade and must be thrown out. Surely the love we are trying to express is not as temporary as these objects.

This is why acts of love and affection are far better than symbols of affection. Actions aren’t something you can put into your pocket or display on your nightstand, but a moment can stay tucked away in your mind for years to come. Acts of love and affection don’t have to be extravagant and they shouldn’t solely be expressed one day a year.

Find a few things you can do every day that will show a special someone, how much you truly care for them. Keep the cell phone and other distractions turned off during dinner, take the time to join in on an activity or hobby they enjoy and verbally express your love – you can never say it enough.

What symbols are you utilizing to show God affection?

He, more than anyone, deserves all the love and gratitude we are physically capable of! We can show Him love by removing distractions from our lives that prevent us from hearing His voice, by taking the time to read His word and seek His guidance in prayer and verbally expressing our love – it is merely impossible to say it enough.

There’s not a physical object you can give the Lord that He cannot create Himself. Give Him a life of gratitude and praise; show Him affection in numerous ways each and every day.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.
{Colossians 3:2}