Take Your Time, Enjoy the Moment

May 13, 2019

Life is a wonderful, uncertain, crazy, sometimes frustrating, happy, sad, and everything-in-between thing.

Different seasons of life bring with them their own unique experiences. Some are experiences we want to stop and enjoy for a time, and others we try to rush through in pursuit of the next big moment.

I’ve recently noticed how easy it is to overlook the beautiful moments and experiences taking place around me right now when I get too consumed with the dreams I have for the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in having big dreams, setting goals, and holding closely to the promises that God has given for the future. But, in a culture that says hustle is everything and we have to keep reaching for that next thing, I believe we need a reminder that God is in control and everything will unfold in His time and according to His purpose.

Some things must simply wait on Him.

So, rather than waste precious time (and potentially wonderful experiences) pining for what’s to come, we should enjoy what’s happening now. We should appreciate the moments that are too often tossed aside, understanding that these are moments we will never get back.

Let me share some personal examples:

Exhibit A

My husband and I are currently living in a beautiful, three-bedroom condo in downtown Seattle. We have a great view of the city from our living room and balcony, plus access to the 41st floor, rooftop deck with amazing views of the city, Puget Sound, and the mountains. I absolutely love city living! We recently signed a lease agreement for our second year.

Recently, we’ve been talking about moving into a house when our lease is up. We even went to an open house that took place in one of the neighborhoods we really like. Now, we’re at least 9 months out from making any real decision to move, but I’ve been house hunting. The idea took root and I’ve been thinking and dreaming. I’m sure you ladies know exactly what I mean!

Exhibit B

If you’ve been a long-time reader of She’s Intentional, you probably know by now that we are in the process of adopting.

The very. long. process.

Seriously, we’ve had friends have biological babies, decide to adopt, and then bring home a baby since we announced our decision to adopt . . . and we’re still here. Childless.

Every time we make progress, it seems like there’s another setback. We want to adopt. We know God called us to adopt. I believe it will happen this year. We’re doing everything we can to prepare for it. I’ve been so focused since we started (and finished) our home study.

Here’s the deal.

At face value, there’s really nothing wrong with either of these examples I’ve shared. But the reality is, I’ve found myself so focused on what’s to come that I’ve been missing out on what I have right now.

I was so wrapped up in looking for the house that I forgot to enjoy the beautiful home I’m living in — the home with views that I won’t experience on a daily basis when we move out of downtown. I’ll only be here for a season, and I want to relish every single second of it!

I’ve been consumed with our pursuit of adoption, constantly looking forward to the day when we’ll be bringing a little one home. I forgot that when that happens, everything in our lives is going to change. This season of “just the two of us,” plenty of sleep, random adventures taken on a whim . . . it’s coming to a close. And instead of rushing through the end of this season, I’d rather take my time and enjoy it all. Only God knows exactly which sweet baby will be joining our family and when that baby will be born.

I can’t hurry the process when it comes to our adoption journey or moving into a house. But, I can waste my time hoping for (or worrying about) something that is going to happen anyway.

What sense is there in that?

I would hate to finally get into that house or bring our baby home only to wish that I would have appreciated the moments of “just the two of us” in our highrise condo a little more.

I’m determined to enjoy my home and those extra-long showers because I don’t have kiddos that need me to make it quick.

Yes, the new season will bring new wonders, but this season is full of them, too!

Take the time to enjoy it while it lasts.