That Little Black Dress

February 27, 2015

Every girl should have the perfect black dress hanging in her closet. This dress should be modest; and while it should not need to have any added accessories, it should also lend itself to becoming a blank canvas waiting for a belt, scarf, handbag, and a variety of shoe choices.

Little black dresses are classy, elegant, and timeless.

I had the perfect LBD for awhile but it was worn so many times over many years — I’m embarrassed to admit how many years! — and knew it was time to replace it. When I came across The Dream Dress from Dainty Jewell’s I knew I had found the perfect replacement dress. I ordered it in the knee length version because I felt it would translate better through every season and wouldn’t feel as fancy for occasions that call for a more casual dress.


I didn’t add any accessories this time around with the dress, but I could easily wear it with the ribbon belt it came with, or add a metallic skinny belt. Because the cut of the dress is perfect, I can wear pumps, pointed heels, or even strappy stillettos. This dress is wonderfully versatile! The layers in the dress made it feel whimsical and very delicate. It truly is the perfect little black dress and I can see this one becoming one of my favorites for many years.

If you haven’t found your own perfect little black dress yet, then enjoy the search! And make sure you check out Dainty Jewell’s Dream Dress because it might just be your perfect dress.