The $3 Outfit

July 11, 2014

Aside from floral, which we all know I love, polka dots are my favorite classic pattern. Polka dots can be paired with virtually anything! They’re practically a neutral.

The Salvation Army around the corner from my house rarely lets me down. It’s the only one in town, so that may account for all the glorious finds it seems to magically harbor.

This ensemble only cost $3. It’s a top and skirts, which is the best kind of find because I can split them up to create versatility. The neck detailing is one of the best parts of this outfit, alongside the fact that the polka dots are actually little flowers. So feminine!

I’m always mixing vintage and modern. Doing that seems to bring the outfit up to the 21st century. With this neutral outfit any color would look great, but I decided to keep it simple with a white blazer. I also added a wide belt and my chunky Forever 21 sandals.


Adding a blazer makes this outfit look completely different and there are several other ways I’d wear this outfit:

1. With a different colored blazer
2. The skirt with a chambray shirt and sandals
3. With a jean jacket
4. The top with a different skirt (endless variations here!)
5. The skirt with my favorite Dainty Jewell’s top, the “Pearl of the Moment Top” in black.

If I wore this outfit every way I listed, plus the two that I showed, that makes 7 outfits! That’s about 42 cents an outfit! Am I the only one hat breaks down the cost of clothes by the amount of outfits I can wear them with? If I am, at least I know I’m keeping it frugal!