The 3 Second Outfit

February 06, 2015

We’ve all had that morning.

The morning that’s utter chaos rushing to get yourself and the family dressed because one of the kids had a 10 minute tantrum or you overslept your alarm clock. When the time comes time to walk out the door you’re still in your pajamas. What can you grab that’s dressy and easy? Let me introduce you to my three second outfit: the poncho and pencil skirt.


The ease of a poncho top is just unbeatable, not to mention how comfortable it is. My poncho top is from Macy’s and I received it as a Christmas gift. I love the uneven cut and the fitted sleeves that draw it in so it doesn’t look like a cape.


Having a few simple options in your closet, like this poncho top, can help stressful mornings go a little smoother. But truthfully, even on those days when I’ve had the time to do my hair and put in my contacts, I find myself reaching for this top.


This top doesn’t have to be dressy. I can easily wear it with a jean skirt or flats to make it more casual and I still have a great comfortable outfit. And comfort is a big deal for me right now as I’m right in the middle of my sixth month of pregnancy.

I’m a little obsessed with the poncho look right now. Here’s a few of my favorite poncho outfits from Pinterest to give you more outfit inspiration and maybe you’ll feel inclined to join the poncho party!

ponchoHow To Style Your Favorite Poncho from StyleList.com


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