The Heart Song

May 20, 2015

We try to keep a variety of topics on the blog including here within our She’s the Bride category. Weddings can be so  much fun to talk about, yet they aren’t every girl’s cup of tea. Some prefer a smaller sacred ceremony, while others would like a big noisy bash and still others want to plan their own middle-of-the-line sized day. Whatever sort of wedding you’re in the middle of planning, hope to plan or have planned in the past, I’m sure one thing was included: MUSIC.

A simple search for on Pinterest (a wedding favorite) results in a huge number of results. Everyone has an opinion – and yes, I do mean everyone. When you start to talk about wedding songs, even the quietest of your friends and relatives will start to voice their opinion on the songs you choose.

melody of Love

“Where words fail, Music speaks.”
– Hans Christian Andersen

The quote above lends itself beautifully to the context of a wedding, and how the music can be so vitally important to the ceremony and celebration of the joining of two lives. Of course, as a musician and vocalist, I would say that this is an important aspect, but even setting those things aside, as a woman, I feel that music brings to life the feelings and emotions of the day.

“What a Wonderful World”   “At Last”    “From This moment…” “My Destiny”      “The Prayer”    “I Will Be Here”     “God Gave Me You”    “You Are so Beautiful” 
“Love of My Life”     “When I Fall in Love”   “Have  Told You Lately”    ” Can’t Help Falling in Love”    “I Could Not Ask For More”  “Unchained Melody”   “L-O-V-E”  “When God Made You” 

What do the above songs all have in common? They are some of the most common pop melodies used in weddings throughout both the ceremony and reception, both Christian and Secular. While there is nothing wrong with using songs that are popular, sometimes it’s nice to choose a song that isn’t as popular so it stands out a bit more in your memories and in the minds of others. (How many times do you hear the unusual pick from a wedding and remember the couple who chose it? Special memories!) Because the majority of our audience don’t dance, the songs I’ll be referring to here will be mainly ceremony type, however they could easily be transitioned to the reception as well.

Believe it Beloved

Without going into full detail on each area of the ceremony that you will need music for, I wanted to suggest a few alternate favorites that seem like gorgeous additions to a wedding. Of course, every couple has that one song that speaks to their relationship and tugs at their heart strings…I like to call it the “heart song.” Definitely try to include it somewhere, regardless of how sappy or silly it is…if not anywhere else, have a variation of it played at the reception!

I am in no ways an expert at this, but I’ve gathered a few meaningful and different songs or versions of songs that you may or may not have heard before and listed them with links below.

This Kind of Love – Sister Hazel – The Sun & The Moon – Mae – Without You – Jonathan Moore (a personal favorite) – Beautiful – Jim Brickman – Good Day For Marrying You – Dave Barnes – Crazy – Kenny Rogers – Moondance – Chris Botti – Hosanna – Hillsong United  – Grace of My Life – Brian Littrell – Love Solo – Jim Brickman – Solo El Amor – Sandi Patty – Once Upon A Dream – Lana Del Rey – A Sky Full of Stars – ColdPlay…and the list is never ending!

So, tell me what you think. Do you prefer traditional classical songs? Would you use popular music in your wedding? Better yet, tell us what your song by leaving a comment below!

photos: centerpiece | melody of love & believe it beloved

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