The Lauren Dress

November 11, 2014

As a lady, I love wearing a dress that always makes me feel confident and beautiful. A few days ago I received The Lauren Dress, which perfectly fits that description. To say at the least, I was astonished at how exquisite this Dainty Jewell’s dress is!

The ravishing blue, red, and yellow color combination is unique and the style is so flattering. The dress not only has a strikingly beautiful design, but also a lovely tailored look. The full skirt provides complete comfort without having to sacrifice the image of lady-like elegance.


Since the dress has such an eye-catching design, I did not think it needed much to embellishing. Accessorizing this dress was so simple: I chose a pair of heels, a clutch, a dainty watch, and a belt to personalize the look. Even so, If you wanted, you could still give this outfit an extra splash of color; the key, however, is knowing the right colors to coordinate with outfit with and then wearing them with poise and confidence!


I chose to wear a thin gold belt from Cato Fashions to accent the waistline and to blend the gold contrast of the clutch from H&M, watch, and to compliment the side buttons on the elbow sleeve.

I was attracted to the beautiful dissimilarity of the red paisleys with the blue background in the dress, and I couldn’t wait to wear it with my favorite pair of red heels, which bring out the vibrancy of the red paisley. (PS: find these heels at Charlotte Russe for the wallet-friendly price of $25!)



This adorable dress is perfect for upcoming holiday events and will be a complete life-saver from stressing over what to wear. I am confident that you will be overjoyed and thoroughly impressed with this dress!