The Missing Peace

December 20, 2023 ยท by Hillary Wheeler

Oh, Christmas has arrived, and what do our hearts feel?

Is it joy and peace or anxiety from expectations we must meet?

Oh, where has the meaning gone?

Who is singing peace on earth, goodwill to men?

Are we too busy running here and there to send up a prayer?

Oh, the hustle and bustle can feel purposeful and grand, and it can truly fill our hearts with joy to pass gifts from hand to hand.

But at times a feeling arises in my heart, that peace may become a missing part.

May we who proclaim to love Christ most of all,

Make Him first in our thoughts in this season and all year long.

May we celebrate Jesus with cheer and delight and remind each generation of the wonder and awe of that glorious night.

Let a little thought remain with us still,

That we need more Peace on Earth, and the Prince of peace desires to be near.

May He never become the missing piece of a nativity scene but the wondrous and glorious centerpiece of all that we do in word and in deed.

In this season of celebrating our Lord and our King,

May we hold His peace dear and spread it abroad with cheer.

Oh, instead of feeling overwhelmed and drear, let the heavens ring with triumphant revere of our Savior, so dear.

Lay aside the chaos of the world's celebrations and allow peace in our hearts and Peace to be our greatest ambition.

Jesus, our peace, our hope, salvation and joy -

He came to earth as a lowly babe and now comes to us in our lowliest states to inhabit our souls and light up our lives with heavenly joy and marvelous grace.

The Prince of Peace is here with us today;

Peace is not missing, nor will He withhold the great gift of His mercy to all who will bow down and behold Him as Savior and Lord.

He is Peace, our peace, forevermore.

Oh, Christmas is here, and what do our souls feel?

May it be peace that fills every heart and home every day of the year.

Merry Christmas and Peace to all,

Hillary Wheeler 

Hillary Wheeler

About Hillary Wheeler

Hillary Wheeler is a former Pre-K public school teacher turned stay-at-home mom who homeschools her three young and wonderful children. Her life is full of the normal and fulfilling hustle and bustle of child rearing, kingdom work, and family life. When she has moments to feed her personal interests, she will be writing songs, writing, singing, reading books, or spending time outdoors. Hillary loves to learn from women, both young and old, and values the wisdom of those that have gone before. She feels that her "cup runneth over" with undeserved blessings but is also filled with immeasurable thankfulness for the goodness of God and His great kindness in her life. She knows that life is far more vibrant and beautiful when God, our Creator, is able to lead the way and do all the marvelous things that He does so well. She will forever say, "God is good".