The Modest + Travel-Friendly Capsule Wardrobe

March 02, 2016

There are three things I’m currently obsessed with:

1. traveling abroad
2. the capsule wardrobe
3. t-shirt dresses

And since I’m preparing to go on a trip to the other side of the world in just thirty days (insert all sorts of happy emojis here), I decided to share my packing list with you that just so happens to be (yep, you guessed it…) a modest capsule wardrobe consisting of seventeen items (including a couple of t-shirt dresses) that will fit nicely into my leopard-print carry-on

No baggage fees, lost luggage, or too-full hands for this excited traveler!

As a result of my constant state of wanderlust and fascination with all things luggage, packing, and travel prep, I am high on anticipation for this spring vacay. Hence the fact that even though I won’t be leaving for my trip until the end of March and it’s currently only the beginning of March yet I already have my packing list ready to GO!

I hopped on Polyvore to create a basic outfit sudoku to help create my travel capsule with this formula:

Outfit Sudoku | The Modest Travel Capsule Wardrobe on @ShesIntentional

The purpose of the sixteen-piece outfit sudoku is to create a capsule wardrobe that uses items all of a similar color palette. These pieces can then be mixed and matched to create endless outfit options. When creating an outfit sudoku. you should have a skirt, top, shoe, and accessory option in each row and in each column. I’ll be gone for two weeks, so I need at least fourteen outfits. Yet with the items I’m packing, I’ll actually be able to create MORE than fourteen outfits without having tons of luggage and bags to carry….because all of this is going in my carry-on!

I love neutrals, so I decided to keep the color palette of my outfit capsule to black, grey, brown, and white with just a couple of printed accessories (black + white striped pencil skirt, leopard flats, and pops of gold on accessories). The items I’ll be taking with me are versatile — they can be worn for very casual, daytime activities or even dressed up for a nice dinner.

Modest Traveling Capsule Wardrobe on @ShesIntentional

So this is what I’m taking:

◌ 5 accessories – black crossbody, brown crossbody, black hat, taupe scarf, brown belt
◌ 4 shoes – white sneakers, leopard flats, grey booties, brown sandals
◌ 2 dresses – black t-shirt dress + grey maxi dress
◌ 2 skirts – high waisted black midi skirt + striped pencil skirt
◌ 2 shirts – graphic print tee + black pullover
◌ 2 sweaters – white knee length cardigan + black/white cape cardigan

I substituted two of the bottoms listed in the outfit sudoku for dresses since they can be doubled as both a dress and a layering option, which creates a few more outfits! Not to mention that t-shirt/boho style dresses are my jam these days and really just so so so so so comfy.

I love the idea of taking four pairs of shoes since shoes can change up the whole feel of an outfit; and plenty of accessories are a given — how can anyone live without them?!

Since I don’t own the exact items I used in my outfit sudoku on Polyvore, I decided to link a few of the items I do have — just in case you’re in the market for some super great versatile pieces! ps: they all happen to be available from Dainty Jewell’s, too!

The Most Travel Capsule Wardrobe | @ShesIntentional Spring 2016 outfit picks for traveling abroad

This black t-shirt dress is the.most.amazing.dress. Ever. Really. Please just trust me on this. It’s like wearing jammies the whole day long and I can easily throw on a cardigan, jacket or even another shirt on top of it to change the look.

The Most Travel Capsule Wardrobe | @ShesIntentional Spring 2016 outfit picks for traveling abroad

The same thing goes for this wonderful grey maxi dress — it’s cozy, is great for the plane, and always looks effortless and put-together.

The Most Travel Capsule Wardrobe | @ShesIntentional Spring 2016 outfit picks for traveling abroad

I plan on wearing this cardigan on the plane since it’s warm and planes are always freezing; and it’s also got just enough pizzazz to brighten up an otherwise neutral and almost boring outfit capsule!

What are your thoughts on the capsule wardrobe and would you try it for your next vacation? Let us know in the comments below and then share any travel tips + travel spots, too!