The Perfect Holiday Dress

December 26, 2018

Hiiii, ladies! I am so happy to be back chatting with you all. I hope everyone had a Christmas day filled with joy and peace. Buying gifts and the business of this holiday season can get so hectic, but nothing compares to slowing down with the people you love most on Christmas day. I personally was so happy to be surrounded by family and friends that I love SO dearly.

Now that the Christmas rush is over, today starts the day of cleaning up and organizing for the Angelle household, and while I want to be comfortable, I would still like to look cute! We still have family in town, and I never know who might show up to our house.

I have found the most PERFECT dress that is not only super adorable, but also VERY comfortable. That is the Mi Amour Dress from Peony Street Boutique. I loved it SO much I even took Christmas/New Year’s card pictures in it!

Peony Street Boutique offers so many dresses that are so affordable. If you have not seen all the new arrivals, you need to go check them out now!

You should start the new year off with a NEW dress that you love, and Peony Street Boutique would be the perfect place to shop for one.

With much love, joy, and happiness,

Asiah Angelle