The Places You’ll Go :: Three Traveling Tips

May 28, 2015

One of my greatest interests is travel. There is something exhilarating about journeying to other lands, exploring diverse cultures, and forging new friendships. Many of my fondest memories are of the different trips I have taken. I’ve been blessed to be able to travel somewhat often through the years, yet I am constantly anticipating more adventures in different places…There are so many places I am eager to visit. I’m sure you all have some wonderful ideas to share as well! Please in the comments below, I know we all would like to hear them. Here are three travel-savvy ideas I’ve discovered:

1. Skip the cheesy souvenirs.

The Places You'll Go

Really, how many snow globes, key chains, and “I love NY” t-shirts can you get? I’ve bought my share, I assure you. Instead of wasting my money on cheap souvenirs that I don’t really like or need, I’ve begun to invest in just a few nice souvenirs that are meaningful to me. Also, I have a tradition of mailing myself a postcard from each place I go, along with a quick summary of my trip on the back. These postcards are not only pretty to display, but are something nice you can buy while being thrifty.

2. Don’t overpack.

The Places You'll Go | She's Intentional

In the past, I would pack double of what I needed in case of emergency or in order to have several extra options. If I needed five outfits for the trip, I would probably pack eight or ten (crazy, I know). However, by the end of each journey I started realizing that I really did not need it all. All it did was clutter up my suitcase and stress me out even more. Now, I pack only what I need, along with maybe one two extra options. It works! Plus, this leaves more room in my suitcase to pack new shopping finds from the trip  :-).

3. There’s no such thing as “too many” pictures!

I’ve never regretted taking pictures of my trip, but I have regretted the pictures I haven’t taken. Whether it be a smartphone or a camera, be sure to capture your memorable moments. Not only will you appreciate them later, but others may enjoy sharing in the experience of your journey also.

Images: Personal Photo / Quicken Loans / SynciOS