The Selfie Generation

July 11, 2015

In the ever-growing generation of technology, we have seen a timeline of self-portraits, polaroid cameras, disposable cameras, flip phones, webcams, and finally the iPhone with its front-facing camera.  
In 2006 when Myspace was a big hit, it birthed the original selfies as it was the largest social network system of it’s time. Then came Facebook in 2009 with the encouragement of more impressive profile pictures. But it didn’t just stop there — in 2010 came the easily accessible front-facing cameras from iPhones, which escorted in the golden age of the “selfie” generation.

But what’s the big deal?

With the younger generation of ladies constantly snapping and uploading countless selfies daily, what frame of mind can she obtain? Not only does she solely base her self-worth off the number of “likes” and comments she will receive on that particular selfie, she can also compare and send the wrong message to others. Remember the common quote, “not everyone is what they claim to be“?  Well, not everyone is what they “post‘ to be on social media either. Through the world of social media where everyone is silently and instantly heard, young ladies feel the need to instantly fill the emptiness with selfies.  Because in today’s society we have seemingly been captured by self: self-promotion, self-gratification, self-absorption. We get ready for church with a new darling outfit and walk out the door, but oh — “Wait. Let me first take a selfie!” Selfie has become such a notorious word for this generation to the point were the word itself was officially entered in the Oxford dictionary in 2013.

When Instagram came on the scene in 2010, it featured hashtags, filters, captions, likes and comments. Additionally, it also continued in the portrayal of self. So much that there were 34,924,648 posts in the year of 2013 with the #selfie hashtag.

We have exchanged the use of material make-up for technological make-up. I wonder if girls could take as many selfies of their soul as they do the exterior surface, would they still be satisfied and find it beautiful enough to post?  Because while humanity justifies our acceptance and virtue through what merely appears to the human eye, God justifies us rightfully by what He sees through the heart.

The deal is – how could one claim to ever glorify God when you’re only glorying “selfies”?

Today, we have ushered in a customary practice of selfies for a need of self-appraisal  and self-advertisement.  Could it be because we are seeking self-appraisal? How is it possible to have a God-centered life when it’s on a “me-focused” world?  Ladies, re-evaluate your “selfie” and ask yourself sincerely who you are truly representing: God or self?  Whether you believe them to be harmless fun and genuinely liked a photo of yourself, it does reveal an immense amount of your internal focus in life.  Our main desire in life should be to reflect the love of Jesus Christ. Reverse a selfie mindset with a selfless mindset.  Because everything that we do, say, and act on is a representation of Jesus Christ and the relationship we have with Him.

Since he is the light in you, are you going to have the light dimmed on low and represent simply yourself, or will you light it up for the whole world to see?

What truly makes a woman attractive to the world, to potential suitors, and even her Creator, is her love for God.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Are all selfies a bad thing?  No. Have I posted them before one social media?  Yes.

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain; but a women that feareth the lord, she shall be praised.” {Proverbs 31:30}

My intention today is to simply bring the realization of knowing that the most attractive thing is this: selflessness. It’s not selfies, but selflessness that is extraordinarily stunning about a woman. You don’t have to go through multiple apps, find a better editing system or spend wasted minutes on finding the right photo to post. When a women dies to self and has a radiating passion for others and life – that is something that is rare and intimidatingly beautiful.

Re-discover your selfie and decide to reflect a God-focused life to a me-centered world.