The Sequin Skirt

November 25, 2014

If you know me at all, you know that I have a very serious obsession with sequins. I have three sequined blazers, several sequin dresses, a few sequined tops, and five sequin skirts. As I was browsing through my Instagram feed a few weeks ago, I came across this wonderful sequin skirt Dainty Jewell’s was advertising. I instantly fell in love, and knew that I absolutely had to snatch it up before it sold out during the holiday season.

photo 3

Ladies, you really must have a sequin skirt in your wardrobe at all times, because I can guarantee you that it will make your life at least ten times more fabulous. Not only is this skirt figure flattering and modest, the cut is timeless yet still sophisticated. I also fell in love with the dark, shimmery silver that is absolutely perfect for this season. The skirt also comes in a lovely, shimmering gold and jet black, as well. I’m planning on purchasing the gold one soon.

I paired my sequin skirt with this red blouse, black tights, black heels, my trusty black Steve Madden bag and some of my favorite black sunnies. You can never go wrong with red and silver for the holidays, and this could possibly be my Thanksgiving outfit of choice!

If the weather near you is anything like it is in Michigan, which currently consists of frigid temperatures and ongoing blizzards, it would be in your best interest to throw a warm, dressy coat over the outfit, and perhaps some high-heel booties. Who says you can’t be stylish in horrible weather conditions? You could even add a dressier scarf and some leather gloves to keep you as cozy as possible.

photo 4

Here’s to a holiday season full of happiness, joy, and sparkle. I hope you all have an incredible Thanksgiving week enjoying time with your loved ones!