The Simple Details

September 05, 2015

When my husband and I were first married I was very excited to decorate our little one bedroom apartment. But decorating proved to be much more challenging than I had anticipated and honestly finding my style has taken quite some time. After six years of marriage it finally seems like my home is starting to feel like me. Something I’ve learned through my years of trial and error with decor is that mixing textures adds interest to even simple items.

centerpiece (2 of 2)

During a recent trip to Marshall’s I saw these adorable tiny globes. They called my name. I instantly knew I wanted them as a part of my dining room centerpiece. In my centerpiece I have the smooth but colorfully detailed globes paired with cream floral balls. The opposing textures and colors create an eye catching contrast.


Of course I want my home to be beautiful, but it also has to be livable. A toddler, a baby and a busy lifestyle won’t accommodate an overdone home. I want us all to enjoy and relax in our home which is why I’ve come to understand that for our family a beautiful home is a simple home. My centerpiece is clean and contained. In other words, it’s toddler proof.

Your home doesn’t have to be extravagant to be beautiful. It can be simple and kid friendly with details that speak volumes. Find items that are meaningful to you or that you find beautiful and incorporate them into your home. Even the small details, like miniature globes, can make a big impact.