The Six Twist Hair Tutorial

March 06, 2015

I’m sure I’ve talked about it before.

Oh you know, my love-hate relationship with Pinterest. It’s an amazing site to gather ideas, but it can also be horribly overwhelming at times, too.

For example, while Pinterest is full of beautiful and simple hairstyles, the main issue I have is that majority of the “long hair styles” aren’t actually for long hair at all and show shoulder length hair instead. It can be tricky translating some of the styles to work for hair that is truly long.


I found this cute hairstyle recently through Pinterest from weibo.com.

I came into a couple problems when I clicked the picture to see the style, though. First, the website is entirely in another language. Secondly, the picture only shows the back. I decided to try this hairstyle out, create my own version of it and share it with you all!


The Six Twist Hair Tutorial


What You’ll Need:

Flexible hairspray – I like using a flexible hairspray for styles that include braiding and twisting because you can redo and even brush through sprayed hair if you need to. 

4 Small Elastic Bands

8-12 Bobby Pins

Comb or brush

The Six Twist is a great style because it’s fast, adorable and versatile. Wear it to church, to work or just on a day out. Do it neatly for a polished look or do it messy for a whimsical look.

I hope you like the style and enjoy the video tutorial!