The Ultimate Gym Outfit

April 14, 2018

(Photographer: Ciara Collins)

Hey, hey, all of you fancy friends!

Today’s post is all about gym fashion inspo!

So I’m going to get extra extra, and show you a few different ways to feel fancy in the gym.

I know gym fashion can be a little daunting, but we have so much at our fingertips nowadays. If you are nervous to go to a gym in a skirt, don’t be: you are going to rock it, crush it, own it (go ahead and walk the red carpet now lol). I am officially your gym hype-woman!

Okay, okay, on to the outfits!

(Photographer: Ciara Collins)

This blush skirt can be styled numerous ways, though my favorite way is to pair it with a lighter gray. The two colors complement each other so well. This color also pairs well with pastel indigo blue, taupe, pastel light green, or like I often rock it: all black everything shoes are easier to match lol).

This color looks great outdoors or under gym lights (hey, lighting!), and let’s be honest — I feel so extra fancy wearing blush. 

(Photographer: Ciara Collins)

I hope you lovelies enjoyed these gym-styled outfits, and just know there are tons of gymsporation ideas out there just waiting for you to execute them in the flawless way I know you will.

Xo, Leah

Skirt by: Faithline Clothing Co – also on Instagram @faithline_clothing_co