The White Sneakers Trend

July 27, 2016

Sneakers terrify me. They always have.

My relationship with the things has formerly been as such:

-Visit the sneaker aisle once a year pretending to understand the difference between a Lunar Sole and a Fly-Knit.
-Eventually buy whatever the sales clerk says is the shoe of choice for all those that run like gazelles.
-Proceed to ignore that the dreaded aisle exists until the “gazelle” shoes wear out.
-But never, I repeat NEVER, even think of wearing them for a non-athletic purpose (never).

But then, white sneakers happened. White sneakers in their minimalistic, bright glory revolutionized my perception of sneaker styling. Yes, it’s totally a trend, and yes, it took weeks of searching for “white sneaker outfit inspiration” on Pinterest to work up the courage to act, but I did it, I bought a pair (Classic Contrast by Nike). I am now officially obsessed. 

If you’re like a 6-months-ago-Elle-Simmons who hadn’t accepted the invite into the white sneaker club, here are some things you should know:

  1. They Go With Everything: When I say everything, I mean maxi-dresses, tulle skirts (like this one for Kohls) with t-shirts (JCrew), and suiting. The people of Pinterest wear them with their suiting pieces, the trench-coats, and their ball gowns-there are no limits, ladies.
  2. They Epitomize Comfort: Ladies, sometimes the phrase “Beauty is Pain” is completely unnecessary and frankly, irrelevant. Many of us have forgotten what it’s like to feel support for our soles and cushion for our toes, now is the time to remember. Sneakers will keep you moving (painlessly) while maintaining the integrity of your fabulous outfit.
  3. They Can Still Be Unique: Type “white sneaker” into your search bar — I DARE YOU. There are endless and affordable varieties of this concept that allow you to make it your own.

So wear your oversized jean jacket (mine’s from H&M), your kimono, or your latest thrifted treasure with a sneaker that you’re no longer afraid of, that you’re probably now obsessed with, and that will most likely make excessive appearances on your Instagram feed.