These Ordinary Days

February 17, 2023 · by Hannah Graley

A few days ago, this started as my journal entry. As I wrote, it started to turn into a prayer. I kept thinking of how I feel as a parent (how each of us feel as parents at times).

There’s a guilt that coincides with parenting.

Am I doing enough? Am I good enough for them? Am I giving them enough attention? Are they going to grow up to be good, responsible, and loving humans?

They are growing. They are changing before my eyes. I can't stop it. I want to. But I can’t.

A small part of me wants to allow them to grow because the days are long and sometimes hard.

The other part - the bigger part - wants to hunt down time and demand it give back every fleeting moment that has passed too quickly.

The wrinkly newborn phase. The wobbly, learning to walk phase. The wake up 8+ times in the night phase. The asking WHY about everything phase (we’re still in that one). Am I appreciating these phases enough? Am I loving these phases enough?

Lord, help me to have perspective on the hard days where I long for the bedtime hour.

Help me to see their love for one another in the midst of their bickering.

Help me to see the fun instead of the mess.

Help me to remember that these ordinary days are "the good ol days” and they pass too quickly.

Grant me the privilege of being truly present in the "remember whens".

I want to be so consumed with their sweet voices (even when they are loud and wild) and their precious features, that I don’t glance at the technology that is ever present before me.

These are the days I will long for and cry for in the future.

Lord, grant me and my husband perspective.

Help us to ALWAYS remember how precious our family is.

Time does not slow down. God, help us to be present in the time we have been given.

Every. Minute. Counts.

Every. Second. Counts.

Every. Memory. Counts.

Every word can either build or destroy.

Make us a Godly example for them.

Please give me wisdom as a mother.

Bless my babies and help them to

love and not to condemn.

Help them to build

up and not tear down.

Help ME to build up

and not tear down.

Save their souls.

Fill them with your Spirit and adorn them with compassion.

Help them to be sensitive to your Spirit.

Baptize them in your precious name.

Help us all to be good, loving, kind and compassionate humans.

Thank you Lord for these beautiful, ordinary days.

Hannah Graley

About Hannah Graley

Hannah Graley is a young stay-at-home mom to two beautiful babies. She is married to her soulmate, Joel. She grew up in Indiana. She is active in her church and has been involved in both music ministry and children’s ministry. You can find Hannah on Instagram as @graleyhannah