Timeless, Elegant and Classic Wedding: Savannah and Justin

October 08, 2021 · by Andrea Long

We are so very excited to have Savannah Anderson joining us today to showcase her stunning wedding. Enjoy this interview with Savannah and the dreamy pictures. Be sure to share this post with any brides-to-be!


Hi, Savannah! Thank you again for taking the time to share your beautiful wedding with our readers today! How would you describe your wedding decor/theme/vibe?

I’ve always been such a fan of timeless, classic looks, and that is what we were aiming for with this wedding. We got married at the Ashton Gardens in Sugar Hill, which is such a beautiful and timeless venue. The Chapel and Ballroom are both white and have walls of windows to let in the light. We decided on champagne and black for our wedding colors, with touches of gold throughout. Our flowers were champagne and white. When we put it all together, we had such an elegant and classic wedding.

Most of our décor was done by Jessica with Design House of Flowers. She did all of the flowers, decorated all of the tables, and did the decoration for our cake, which came from Bees Knees in Athens, GA. She did a truly wonderful job, and I couldn’t have been happier with her work. She helped to make our wedding day beautiful.

I feel like we captured the exact atmosphere that we wanted, and I’m grateful to have been able to have my dream wedding. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our families.

What are some of your favorite or special memories from your wedding day?

Without question, my favorite memory from my wedding day is from right after the ceremony: We were married and walked down the aisle to the perfect song and were immediately sent to another room in the Chapel. The wedding party followed shortly behind, and I just remember how overwhelmingly happy we were. The wedding party was congratulating, and everyone was so excited. My bridesmaids were all screaming and bouncing, and my parents were crying and hugging. Justin and I just kept laughing, and I was crying, and I remember that we just kept repeating how happy we were. It was chaotic and wonderful and such an overwhelming moment. It is my favorite memory from my wedding day, and I hope it never fades. I hope that I can remember every detail of that moment for the rest of my life.

Were there any funny moments or things that didn't go according to plan? 

I have to say that most of my wedding went off without a hitch. We had a wonderful wedding coordinator provided by the venue. My parents were wonderful about making sure everything was perfect. My dad was running around buying snacks for the girls and fixing last minute things, and my mom was in the room with me, doing my hair and helping me prepare for the day. My bridesmaid, Taylor, brought in a basket of everything we could possibly need. She had snacks and music and a wide variety of hair products for the girls. We didn’t have to go without anything.

I can only think of one incident that didn’t quite go as planned, and it was entirely my fault. Right before I had to walk down the aisle, I had the worst attack of nerves I’ve ever had in my life. I was pacing around my little waiting room, and I didn’t realize until too late that my train was slowly wrapping around my ankles and tangling with my veil because they were both so long. I had to take my entire dress off and put it back on 5 minutes before I walked down the aisle. My sister, Annalia, was there with me and we were so frantic, running around and trying to fix everything that my little anxiety spell had rumpled. I can’t help laughing at how spastic we were for that little 10-minute window.

I’ve got to say, my sweet sister deserves a prize for being such a wonderful maid of honor. She handled my nerves like an absolute champ that day!

How did you find the perfect wedding dress?

Finding the perfect wedding dress for me was actually a sort of blessing. I never went out with all my bridesmaids and tried on dresses to find my perfect dress. Aside from trying on my mom’s wedding dress growing up, my wedding dress is the only one I’ve ever worn.

I was very particular about what I wanted for my dress. I wanted a dress that was elegant and modest without being outdated or dowdy. So, like probably every other bride-to-be in the world, I went window shopping on Pinterest. I fell in love with one dress, a Maggie Sottero fitted champagne dress. I did a little digging to see if I could find one sold locally to try on and found that it had been discontinued and was no longer carried in boutiques.

I was disappointed, of course, but I decided to use it as my inspiration to find my perfect dress. On a whim, I sent out a few emails to different wedding dress boutiques, asking if they had any dresses similar to the Maggie Sottero I was in love with. Not a week later, I had a response from a wonderful lady, Brandi from Victoria Grace Bridal, saying that she had found the exact dress that I wanted in storage a few states away and that there were exactly three left in their warehouse, none in my size. The dresses were final sale, but they were also half off. It was a little risky, but we decided to order one around my size and see if it could be altered to fit. It was pure blessing that when my dress came in, it fit like a glove.

I was so happy with my dress, and I couldn’t recommend Brandi from Victoria Grace Bridal enough. She was so helpful in finding and ordering the dress for me. I ended up buying my veil from her store. I felt beautiful on my wedding day, and I am so grateful to Brandi for helping to make that possible.

Do you have any advice for future brides?

My advice to future brides is very simply to relax and enjoy the process. I didn’t, and, looking back, I wish that I had. I spent almost my entire engagement stressed over some aspect of the wedding or another, but to be completely honest, my wedding would have turned out exactly the same without my stress. Justin and I had a little team of my parents, my mother-in-law, my sister, and my bridesmaids who were instrumental in making our day perfect. There was no need to stress about any of it.

You only get so much time to be engaged and excited for your wedding. You only get to make so many wedding decisions, and you only get so many wedding showers. Take some time to enjoy all of it. The wedding day will come, and you will love it. Don’t spend your entire engagement stressed over what might happen or what you should have done. Life happens and things will go wrong, but it won’t make your day any less perfect. Be happy and enjoy every bit of it.

Is there anything else in particular that you'd like to share about your wedding or your love story?

I’d like to share how truly wonderful my husband is. Throughout the entire engagement, he did everything in his power to make my life happy and peaceful. And I’m glad to say that he has continued to do this in our marriage. He treats me like a queen. He is the man that I prayed for, and I’m grateful every single day that he is mine.

I would also like to share how grateful I am for everyone involved in this wedding, and how blessed I am to have a family that is always there to help me. My parents would do anything in the world for me and Justin, and I know exactly how blessed I am to have them. And my mother-in-law is a joy to have in my life. I’m so grateful to have married into as family as loving as Justin’s.

Photographer credits:

My photographer was Brandy Anderson from Brandy Anderson Photography. She is absolutely amazing, and I knew from day one that if she was taking my wedding photos, they would be perfect. I never had to worry for a minute because I have always had complete faith in her ability.

Her website can be found at https://brandyanderson.photography/.

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