Topping The Cake

October 15, 2014

As you plan your wedding, large details may come easily with your color and style preferences while small details might leave you stumped. My struggle in the wedding planning process was the cake topper. I got married pre-Pinterest, so I didn’t have that to help, and anything I found on Etsy was too rustic. As a last minute fix, I ended up taking a diamond shaped paper weight and putting it on top of a candle holder. Even though I adored my cake, the topper ended up looking like a perfume bottle: not at all what I was going for.

The wooden bride and groom is a darling cake topper and a perfect way to show off your artistic side. Or even have a close friend or family member paint them.  What a wonderful keepsake! The wooden couple is available on the GooseGrease etsy shop.



Last week I blogged about incorportating scripture into your home decor, you can read that here, but I also love the idea of incorportating scriptures into your wedding! This beautiful I Corinthians 13 cake topper is hand made by Figs & Ginger .


Another very simple DIY option is using scrabble pieces and twine, which definitely has a rustic feel.


Photo: Twenty Something Studios

What about not topping the cake at all? This beautiful fondont cake is entirely edible.  Even the “chalkboard” is made of fondant. I love the cake’s clean and simple, yet elegant look. Created by Erica Obrien Cake Design and featured on The Cake Blog.


Another option is using wooden letters. The great thing about these wooden letters is that they can be painted. If you’re not having a rustic wedding, paint the letters silver, gold, or any color in the rainbow! These letters are for sale from the BraggingBags etsy shop, but similar letters can be purchased at craft stores.


Although we place a lot of focus on the details, colors, food and fashion of the wedding day, remember that none of those things are of lasting importance.  Prayerfully entering the marriage committment is what matters most.  And even if some details don’t work out exactly as planned, like my cake topper, your marriage will still flourish when God is in the center!