Training for Strength: Shoulders

February 19, 2018

(Photographer: Rebecca Bowley)

Hey, Friends!

So in our last post about health and fitness (here), we talked about why weightlifting/resistance training is so important! 

Now that we have explored that topic and have a basic understanding of it, I’m going to give you lovelies an amazing workout idea! Usually, as women, we tend to head for the legs first (amiright or amiright?!). BUT I’m going to be sharing a shoulder workout with you today because balance is so important. Many of us already know how to get a good leg burn on, and our upper body strength is equally important!

Our upper body gives us the ability to do everyday things such as move furniture, play ball with our kids, cook, hold babies and more. On the more athletic side, our upper body provides strength for movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, etc.

Before we start, let’s define a word used quite often in the lifting realm that you may not know. That word is supersets (or super-setting). 

Super-setting just means that you take two exercises and alternate between them, cutting out your “rest” period and saving time. It also ups the intensity of your workout. Supersets are typically done between two muscle groups–or two separate muscles. When it comes to shoulders (deltoids), we have three different muscles in that group. For terminology that’s easier to understand, we will just label them front delt, middle delt, and rear delt. So your first exercise may involve the middle delt; your second your front delt; and your third your rear delt. When you completely finish your triple-set, the first muscle you worked is already rested up and ready to go again–eliminating your resting time!

Now that we have that established, here is your workout! (All dumbbells can be replaced with household items: canned goods, a jug of water, etc.)

  • Photographer: Rebecca Bowley

    8-12 lateral dumbbell raises : x3 (pictured)

  • 8-12 Frontal dumbbell raises : x3

  • 8-12 Rear delt raises (bend over, back flat/parallel to floor, palms facing in – lift weights straight out, NOT back) : x3

  • 5-15 push-ups (regular or modified, knees on ground, or wall push-ups) : x3

  • 5-10 Downward Dog walkout + in : x3

Use a weight that is comfortable for you! It will typically range between 3-15 lbs (depending on your experience & strength). All of these exercises can easily be found on Google, and besides, research is your best friend when it comes to health + fitness!

Strong Bodies – Strong Minds – Strong Spirits! Let’s get to it ladies!

Cheers with love, weights, and donuts (of course),