Travel Feature: Memphis, Tennessee

June 23, 2021 ยท by Charity Walter

Photoshoots for new collections are always so much fun! With the models trying on new dresses, our amazing photographers getting great shots of the designs, and the flurry of excitement that comes with our models seeing the new dresses for the first time, it's like a grown-up version of playing dress-up! Our team really does have a blast. But new dresses aside, another great aspect of shooting a new collection is some of the beautiful and unique places we've been able to see, the people we've met, and the great food we've tried!

Our last photoshoot in Memphis, TN, was a special treat. Even my son, Monty, enjoyed this trip -- (and did I mention we ate some great food?!). 

Two restaurants we loved were Gus's Famous Chicken and Brother Junipers. If you ever have a chance to go to the area, I also recommend Takashi Bistro, Hattie B's, Central BBQ, Maciels Tortas and Tacos, and Flying Fish. So good!

If you enjoy a scenic walk as much as I do, Memphis has a lot to offer. We went to the Peabody Hotel to take in the beauty, and even Monty loved the walk and the ducks.

You'll also thank yourself for taking a walk downtown and grabbing some ice cream. We looked at the trolleys and took a walk in the park, and it was so peaceful...It really is the simple things sometimes!

Our time in Memphis was busy, but we made the most of what time we had! If you've been to that area, drop me a line in the comments on our social media! I'd love to know what you did, where your favorite places were to eat, and what else you recommend doing while there. 

Happy traveling!


Charity Walter

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