Travel Tips for Flying

July 06, 2019

Don’t we just all love to travel? Visiting new places, trying new foods, meeting new people . . . I mean, it’s all just so exciting!

But the mode in which we arrive at our destination — the actual “traveling” part — can be, well, a dread sometimes.

The packing, the rushing out the door, check-ins to the security lines, and trying to find a seat on the plane . . . Goodness! Then carrying your personal item + carry-on down the center aisle on top of all of that . . . Whew! I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it all.

Sometimes flights are quite lengthy. They’re definitely not the most comfortable and really leave much to be desired as far as convenience and relaxation.

My husband is a full-time evangelist, and we have the privilege because of that of traveling often. As time has passed, I think I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks when it comes to in-flight essentials and ways to feel just a little more comfortable during the ride in the sky.

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First things first: Attire.

What to wear, what to wear, what to wear?! 

Comfortable clothing. Not sloppy, but comfortable! You don’t want to feel restricted or restrained, always pulling up and yanking down all at the same time. Wear something you feel comfortable in, something easy to move in.

Dark colors are always a good idea too. Any spills or stains are less likely to be seen.

Comfy shoes are a must! Tennis shoes, sandals, flats or even heels — whichever you prefer. Find a pair of shoes that makes your feet feel great. You’ll be walking tons and will most likely need to do so quickly. So picking a good pair of shoes is essential. I have my go-to travel shoes, and I wear them for every flight!

Next: Carry-on bag.

When picking out a bag to bring in flight, pick a bag that is easy to open, has lots of room, pockets, and something that is durable! Oh — and cute, too.

I typically use a backpack now that I have a baby, that way I have more freedom with my arms. I keep everything organized in the inside pockets and bring pouches for the things I’d like to organize even further.

Another great thing to think about is a little TLC!

Yes! Even on the plane, you can take care of YOU. I like to bring a face mask for those long-haul flights. The air is so dry and is just recycling over and over in and out of the vents. Your skin becomes dehydrated after flying — so a face mask does just the trick. (Yes, you might get a glare or two from your seatmate . . . haha!)

Chapstick, hand lotion, mini mouth wash, dry shampoo (an absolute MUST for me), Tylenol, Tide stain remover pen, mini deodorant, safety pins . . . Yes, these are all my pampering essentials. It sounds like a lot, but believe it or not, I can fit all of this into a small pouch that slides right into my backpack.

Odds & Ends

I always make sure to have my electronic accessories like my headphones and phone charger in a small pouch as well. This way nothing gets tangled and everything has its place.

An energy bar and an empty water bottle are great add-ons as well. Simple, but a great snack just in case you get hungry.

I always keep a small card wallet somewhere where I can easily access it at all times. This way you can grab your ID quickly for all the check-ins.

These are just a few tips and a little sneak peek into my in-flight carry-on. Hopefully this helps you get ready for your next flight and brings some type of flow to the chaos that can so easily come with travel! So . . . keep calm, and travel on my friends! Travel on.