Turning in the Gold for Bronze

November 24, 2014

I love a good DIY project. I enjoy the do-it-yourself process. It’s a form of stress relief for me to pour myself into a project and become consumed by it, if just for an hour or a moment; and after the project is complete, it is so fulfilling to take a step back and admire your own masterpiece. My family and I moved in September and I was excited to see what DIY projects would await me in our new home.

2014-10-02 11.29.53

Can we just talk about how amazing Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint is for a moment? If you are plagued by 70’s style gold knobs, doorhandles and bathroom fixtures like I was, this stuff will save the day. I started small by testing the spray paint on the toilet paper holder and towel ring in our guest bathroom. They turned out perfectly and I was hooked!

I did plenty of Pinterest research before I decided to go and spray paint all of my doorknobs. The research pointed toward success and that was all the encouragement I needed. I got the drill and took off every last door knob in our house.

When it comes to spray painting, a cardboard box is your friend — you can see mine has been pre-loved.  I started by cleaning the knobs off with a multi-purpose cleaner. As with any slick surface, it’s a good idea to get grease or dust off of it before painting. I put the knobs in the box and gave them a light coat of paint. I quickly realized I couldn’t get to every side of the knobs with them inside the box, so I flipped the box over, poked the knobs through and they stood up perfectly while I was able to spray every angle.

2014-10-02 11.28.53

Aren’t they pretty?

The key, as always with spray paint, is to apply many light coats. You could spray these knobs with a clear coat to add a little more protection, but I did not and I’m happy to say that 2 months later they still look beautiful! I did learn from Pinterest that it’s not worth the hassle to spray the lock plates because they get scratched up too quickly, so I skipped that and found them at a local hardware store for $5 for a package of three. Even with the added cost of buying lock plates, it was still much cheaper to spray paint the doorknobs than to buy them all new.

Another successful DIY is in the books and a money saver at that!