Two Hairstyles for Little girls with Bows

December 20, 2021 · by Hannah Graley

I love this sweet and simple little style on my daughter's hair when she wants to wear her hair down.

Pulling this small section of hair back in the front not only keeps her new baby hairs out of her face, but also allows the perfect backdrop for a bow.

To create this style, you simply part the hair, gather the small section and start a ponytail.

Right before you pull the hair through the ponytail the final time, simply pull until you have a “loopy” bun that stands roughly 2.5 inches tall, and stop there. Finish by spraying with hairspray and adding a bow in front to cover the rubberband.

This one is a favorite of mine on little bitty girls.

Lanora informed me awhile back that she is outgrowing this style, but she graciously allowed me to style her hair this way for our tutorial.

*Please excuse me while I cry in the corner over her growing up.*

For this style you can do any kind of bun, but I prefer the method we used for the bun in the style above; for this bun you will pull the hair through further, and then repeat the same step by pulling the loose “loopy bun” through the ponytail a second time.

I apologize for the lack of a better term. Ha! It has always been a “loopy" or a "floppy bun” to me.

After steps 1-3, I wrap the remaining hair around her bun to cover the hair elastic.

Then I use small bobby-pins to shape and create a messy bun.

After steps 4-6, I like to spray her hair lightly with hairspray and then add bows.

I hope you found these step-by-step pictures helpful! Let us know if this method of tutorial is something you would like to keep seeing.

Hannah Graley

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