Two Quick & Easy Summer Hairstyles

May 17, 2024 · by Kami Keyzer

I'm excited to be sharing my two favorite quick and easy summer hairstyles. 

They require no heat tools, and if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, these are definitely for you. If your hair is not wavy or curly, just adding the products and giving your hair texture make for such cute hairstyles as well. 

All you need is mousse, pump hair spray, aresol hair spray, a hair tie, some bobby pins and your favorite Dainty Jewells' hair accessories. 

Today I shared two hairstyles in one; sometimes I like to leave it simple and go for a cute ponytail with some volume, and the added clips can dress it up. And then, if it’s really hot, I like to throw it up quickly, add in some accessories, and go. Both of these hairstyles together took me about 6 minutes to style today, and they are practical and easy for an on-the-go summer style. Enjoy!

Kami Keyzer

About Kami Keyzer

Kami is a wife to her evangelist husband and "Mama" to 3 precious kiddos. She loves all things coffee, thrifting, traveling, and plants. She loves to take pictures of everything. She also enjoys listening to a podcast or reading a good book, making hair tutorials and spending time with family. She has been involved in music ministry in church since a young age and feels it’s truly her passion to sing and to worship. She feels so blessed beyond measure - that God has given her so much - and she loves living this life for Him. You can follow Kami on Instagram at @kamikeyzer.