Unplug Part I: Health Reasons 

May 30, 2015

I’m sure we’ve all read about “unplugging” in some form or another. Our pastors speak on it for our spiritual health, magazines and the general media speak to our mental well being and overall health via unplugging and recently there have been physical health implications associated with the overuse of electronic devices.  

Don’t believe the hype? Well, I have personal proof of the issues that can happen with over-use of “tech.” Over the last six months I’ve noticed eye strain and pain, circulation issues, and “texters” thumb in both hands. In my research I learned that eye strain can occur with any natural use of your eyes, however something about the way computers, cell phones, tablets and e-readers display text and/or numbers (I work as an accountant) can be irreparably damaging to your eyes at the worst, and temporarily painful at best. I’ve also learned the circulation issues are usually due to sedentary actions while using technology and also the general cramped positions we tend to scrunch into while using these devices. Ring a bell anyone? Lastly, texters thumb is no joke…similar to carpal tunnel or tendinitis, it is PAINFUL!

And guess what? All of these fancy issues can be resolved by simply…unplugging! I’ve implemented a few steps that I’ve included here and seem to be working!

1. Engage with those around you. It’s easy to fall into the trap of cell phone use when in large groups or when conversation quiets down. Start a new conversation instead, you might find a new friend!

2. Choose a paperback book to put in your purse or bag. When you have more than five minutes, instead of turning to social media, pick up the book. I’ve done this faithfully in the last week and I’ve finished three books! And I’ve noticed that I have more to talk about with others as well as personal-enrichment. Win-win!

3. Go outside. How many times do we spend a beautiful day inside on the computer or on our phones? Take a walk. Plan a hike. Make a conscious decision to unplug, maybe leave your phone inside. Or bring it with you and take photos…and post them later!
What’s your experience with unplugging? How is it going for you? Leave your tips in the comments! 

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